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Help about science project? Please read... for Intel isef...?

This project is for INTEL ISEF so please the persons who have been there or taken part as a judge answer...

my project is about logic gates.

first i have studied their behavior and things related, to have a general knowledge.

then i have developed new designs for them, using magnets that are fixed at a point and can rotate. the basic principle is, when one magnet rotates the other will also rotate. i assumed that north pole represents binary 1 and south pole represents the binary 2. i have, though, not yet found magnets to use to try it out.

is this project OK?

any idea what can i do more

the designs i mentioned were arrangements of magnets which give the north pole or south pole according to gate and input(s)

also, can you tell me how to make a data book if i havent done any significant experiments?

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    i have an idea of simple project that explains the logic gates

    u can make a switches connected to LED

    for example if u want to express the AND gate then u have to connect two switches in series so that if both of the switches on the LED will go and if one of the switches or both are of then hte LED will be off

    and for the OR gate all u need to do is to connect the switches in parallel

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