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I have Internet access via wired modem (Speedstream 5100), which is fine for me. My son has a MacBook Pro, and when he visits me on the weekends, he needs Internet access to do his college assignments. I'm buying a Linksys WRT54G Wireless G router; easy install from what I understand. What else will I need, i.e. set ups, ID #s, going from a wired modem to wireless router? Thanks in advance.

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    It sounds like you are ok, if anything you might need another ethernet cable (Cat 9) if your router doesn't come with an extra one if you want to be hard wired into the router. If you have a laptop with a built in wireless card, disregard the extra cable.

    You will just plug the modem into the router and that will project the signal throughout your home. It is very easy and straight-forward to set up. The instructions will walk you through the set up process and will help you set up a secure password. That's something I strongly advise. Remember even a neighbor hops on your network and does something illegal you will be responsible. So be sure to set that password up and of course your son will just have to input that in when ever he's connecting.

    If you have a desktop you can get a wireless adapter so you don't have to hard wire a cable in.

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    Once you have everything plugged in according to the directions in the box, you'll want to go to in your browser (from a wired connection) and set up your security settings. The default login for the router admin panel should be in the instructions in your box, and the admin panel should have a pretty decent GUI interface. The first thing to do will be to check for firmware updates for the router and install any that are available, there may be security patches since the router was boxed for sale. WPA-2 as your security setting with a shared key is a good way to go. Change the SSID for your network and do not broadcast it, MAC address filtering is also a good idea so that even if someone knows the name of your network and your passkey they won't be able to connect unless you've authorized their computer in your router.

    Change the admin ID and password on your router as well.

    If your laptop doesn't have WiFi built in, you'll need a card for it.

    The basic installation is pretty easy, setting up the security settings can be a bit trickier, but not difficult if you know what you want to set up and are willing to poke around in the router's interface to find the settings you need.

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    Do you plan on having the current computer go wireless?

    If NOT then you should have everything.

    If you want your current computer to also be wireless then you need a wireless card for that one. (But you don't need to).

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