When will there be a new Need For Speed game?

And will it be for PS2?

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    1 decade ago
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    There will be 3 new Need For Speed games in the upcoming year.

    The first is called Need for Speed Shift, and it's a driving simulator, a la "Forza Motorsport" or "Gran Turismo"; it's biggest feature is a completely detailed, realistic cockpit view. It's supposed to come out for PS3, 360, PSP and I think PC

    The second is Need for Speed Nitro, and it's an arcadey racer, much like the arcade version of Need for Speed Underground, and that's coming out for the Wii and DS.

    The third is Need for Speed Online for the PC and it's free but it only comes out in Asia this year.

    They haven't announced anything for the PS2, but I'd be surprised if the PSP version of "Drift" doesn't get ported over on the PS2.

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