In the movie Poltergeist?

What are the names of the family Freeling's pets?

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    Ebuzz is the dog. (I'm trying to remember what breed he is.)

    Actually, in the novelization, I think it's E. Buzz. I read somewhere that the dog is named for Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, the first astronaut to set foot on the moon~E. Buzz.

    Tweety is the canary who dies~Carol Anne's pet. ("This is for when he's hungry. This is for when he's lonely." Cute!)

    Tweety 1 and Tweety 2 are the goldfish which Carol Anne gets as replacements for the deceased bird. (When Carol Anne keeps shaking more and more flakes into the bowl, her mother tells her that she shouldn't do that, teasing that they'll grow into sharks~obviously a "Jaws" reference!)

    Here's one place that supports E. Buzz or E Buzz:

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    Ebuzz was the dogs name

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