Does this picture just sum up Kobe's life?
Update: ah very true King of the game
Update 2: Ys whats that a gang sign?
Update 3: Well papa bear, my conclusion is that diamonds can buy love, sir.
Update 4: Lakers own celtics: how does that show pierce being a homo.. his hand is not touching his leg. you must be confused because this is homo.
Update 5: KB24 how am i troll lol, i have been here for a while , i had another account before this called " pats fan" but i got false reported. its all fun and games, you laker fans do the same
Update 6: and kb24..nice picture..? is that suppose to be a diss?
Update 7: TO KB24: my bad i mis-read your details about King, i thought you were talking about me my bad
Update 8: Celtics Suck: tu che
Update 9: Nick C are you even a lakers fan? and your 2nd picture, i think it should be the other away around after the finals.

and for the last picture, thats funny and true!, because Ainge wouldnt do anything until the Ray allen and Kg deals
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