Does anyone know of any shows similar to the frank Sinatra show?


I have recently watched some old

Videos of the frank Sinatra show and absolutly loved it but sadly there are not many episodes and I was wondering if there was any shows simillar to this

Many thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Dean Martin Show was great back in its day. As you may or may not know Frank and Dean were all part of a group that hung out a lot together known as The Rat Pack. The other 2 part of that group of friends was Sammy Davis Jr., and Joey (Dam n) I can not think of his last name right now.

    They also performed a lot together in Las Vagas. But any way The Dean Martin Show was also very funny.

    It was like a comedy, variety hour type show.

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  • Chrys
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    1 decade ago

    Dean Martin

    Hugh Hefner

    Sammy Davis Jr.

    (all had shows on t.v. at one time or another...)

    Laugh In

    Johnny Carson (Late Night)

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