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SEX TRADE in Thailand?

What devastating effects does sex tourism have on the economy and the people of Thailand? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer i need help!

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    Although the sex trade bad, it does bring much needed money to many many families in Thailand, and the surrounding countries.

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    Mind if I ask why it necessarily needs to have a devastating effect?

    Actually, I think the situation is quite the opposite:

    Lots of girls who otherwise would be doomed to slave her life in a rice paddy gets a very well paid job. The parents are taken care off. Many of the better houses in the Isaan are build by profits 'in the trade'.

    By far the most boys and girls do it voluntarily. Forced prostitution is quite rare. All stories about girls being chained to the wall are hoaxes.

    The police turns a blind eye to the sex trade, sure. But they do NOT, repeat NOT turn a blind eye on forced prostitution and child prostitution, to my knowledge. If only because they can make much more money that way, if you do insist on something devastatingly bad.

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    it doesnt have devastating effects,quite the opposite......

    1...the sex business is not a trade,virtually all the girls go to Pattaya and Bangkok of their own free will

    2....they do this because the majority of them live in the NE of Thailand are trapped in poverty..women in Thailand feel they have a duty to provide for their parents and some take the only option open to them.......most are told by friends who work in the bars about rich foreign men who are kind and generous and how its possible to find a husband.some do but in the meantime they are earning money to support their families.yes there are some bad things go on by both the thais and the tourists but there is a sex trade in every country in the world

    3.....90% of prostitution in Thailand is geared towards local Thai men

    there is a popular misconception in the West that all Thai women are on the game which is not true.......Thailand is a very conservative country and even showing affection in public is frowned upon in normal society.......the numbers involved in prostitution is probably 1% similar to other countries

    all the lies and hysteria about thailand is perpetrated by the media and feminazi women who pontificate from their comfortable western lifestyle with the knowledge they have everything their own way and men on the run....they dont want to see western men going to thailand where the women have a better attitude and 90% are under 50 kilos...........they know they cant compete

    tourism in general contribute approx 15% of the economy

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    It is demeaning and damaging to women and under aged children that get swept up in.

    Some of them are sold by their families or their families put pressure on them to do thi work.

    Western countries, most especially the US should take the blame for this vile industry because Pattaya was simply a fishng village before the US army dumped their soldiers their for a rest from the Vietnam war. And other western countries,for example, Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand allow these people to be brought into their countries as slaves while the politicians go on tv and condemn it. What hypocrites!

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    I reackon it accounts for a good chunk of the thai economy is supported by this whether people like it or not.

    take it away and it leaves the question, how do you replace this money and from where?

    it amounts to a large sum of foriegne currency entering/ or being taken to Thailand (MONEY COMING INTO A COUNTRY IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN MONEY BEING TAKEN OUT OF A COUNTRY FOR ANY COUNTRY) this money enters the economy in various ways from air port tax and revenue, accomadation, food and drink outlets, shopping, tours, taxis, buses,hoping in a tuk tuk, riding an elephant to beach chair hire even to visiting a temple and donating money, in other words whenever you spend money there you are contributing towards that countrys economy, and this is all before mentioning about anyone that will then go onto pay for sex? (anyone going in for sex is going to be spending far more money on other things, like the above)

    So hyperthetically speaking for a minute lets ban all the people from entering Thailand that end up paying for sex (i think we can say this is a large number if we are being honest) and think of how many different people and industries it effects and that money is now no longer entering the Thai economy.

    lets assume all these people stop flying to Thailand what do you think is going to be the knock on effect to the price the air fare or frequency of flights (do all these extra air hostesses and pilots now loose there job? would you personnally like to help keep them employed by paying at least double or more for your airfare or are you secretly happy now this sector of people actually help subsidise the price of your ticket )

    people of Thailand being girls/ lady boys or whatever don't do this just because it is fun (sure some may even have a good time along the way I guess) they do it to support their families often through no other option as a way out of poverty and of their own free will, they are not doing this activity for the same reason as a westerner may do it and they are not sleeping around for free like many western girls going out getting drunk and sleeping with multiple partners, have a look at the stats for single mothers in your own country like the UK, Europe, USA, Australia who have gone out and got themselves knocked up voluntarily and claim welfare at the tax payers expense, (apprently sleeping around for free is ok, getting paid for it is not? can i ask do you work for free and if not why not? why are unions always after better conditions or god forbid a pay rise? do we not prostitute our selves out everytime we go to work? ) there for as far as bringing money into the country it is a strong source of income and can only be good for the economy!

    you may not like or want to agree with this however your question is asking about the effects on the ECONOMY and it obviously contributes a lot to it !

    What effects does it have on society is a complety different question which I think is maybe what you ment to ask ?

    Source(s): an understanding of economics !
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    The People:

    1. Thai women become the bread winner for the family. How can a rice farmer hope to complete with a farang pocketbook?

    2. Women become more and more westernized and forget traditional Thai Values. Why take care of the family? Why follow Buddha?

    3.Children are being raised by the grandparents or by Uncles and Aunt become more and more alienated and join gangs to feel a sense of identity.

    4. More drugs and acohol abuse. Women doing YaaBaa to be able to maintain the will to sell your body and men drinking Khao Lao to ease the pain of loosing your wife/girlfriend to the sex trade.

    The Economy:

    1. More money for the economy but little of it actually goes to the girl selling her body (At least in the Brothels). Parents sell their daughters cheap to chinese mafia in order to buy a cow or a piece of land. The ladies (girls) are held captive (think slaves) forced to service men in order to pay off their parents debt. A girl may make a million baht for the chinese to pay off a 50,000 baht debt.

    2. By developing a economy based on sex tourism, you've pulled people away from farming and as the world economy falls these sex workers making several hundred baht a day (freelancers/bargirls) will be out of work. They will be unlikely to return to the farm to work for 150 baht a day and with no marketable skills, crime will increase. Meanwhile the shortage of farm workers will bring more people from Lao and Cambodia into the country who are uneducated and a burden on medical resources.

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    What are the devastating effects of religious brainwashing?

    Tens of thousands killed every year in sectarian violence.

    Thousands more die of starvation because the church, allah, etc disapproves of birth control.

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