Need a good nonfiction book...?

OK, I need a nonfiction book that i can knock out in 1-2 days got a report due next Friday!!! Something, quick, easy, and maybe even halfway enjoyable.

Please and thankya!

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    Billiam, twilight isn't nonfiction.

    The best book i've ever read and is a very easy, interesting story is "Same Kind Of Different As Me"

    It's a true story that came out in 2006 I belive, The story is told by two men alternating between each of them (however it was written with the help of Lynn Vincent). A homeless black man who was a virtual slave up until 1969 (he was a sharecropper working for free) name Denver Moore and a rich white man who was a succesful art dealer.

    The book is immediately intersting, and after chapter 14 or 17 (the chapters are very short, some of them only 1 page) the story takes off and is impossible to put the book down until you get to about chapter 40 (again don't be intimidated by the high number of chapters, it is a fairly short book)

    The story starts in the 1950s but it moves up to modern times very quickly, it takes place in Texas, I believe Fort Worth.

    It starts out talking about the black man, Denver, And how he was treated, and his respect for "the man" his owner and how he was treated and how he ended up homeless.

    And the white man how he hated homeless people because of how he had ben robbed, and about his relationship with his wife, and how they're marriage survived through very difficult times, and how her legacy was kept alive by Denver Moore.

    It's hard to explain the story without giving anything away but its a great book, even if you don't choose to write your report on it (however writing a report on this book would be very easy to do) you should still read it if you like good books.

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    On Writing, by Stephen King - it's a relatively easy book on Stehpen King's advice/take on writing. I loved it, found it very informative, as I do want to become a writer.

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    Night by Elie Wiesel. It's decently short and tells a memorable story.

    Best wishes!

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    ha twilight is fiction,

    i would suggest "autobiography of a face" its nonfiction and you can prolly read it in just 2 days

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