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what do you ALL THINK about my poem? i had to use like 36 words that shakespeare invented.?

Shakespeare’s night out!

It was the night before the day after tomorrow, and I had just succumbed to the dauntless night. I was feeling lonely and worthless. My spirit had fallen ill to guilt brought by castigation. I was what you might refer to as an eyesore. People eyeball me when they see me. I lack beauty, my breath smells of puke, and I resemble and alligator not only physically but also in my acts. The unmitigated character traits which I posses are frugal minded spending and an equivocal mind. Lately it seemed as I had been carrying an enormous load of emotional luggage. Myself righteousness had been divested by the public. I had become pessimistic and my thoughts had turned obscene and gloomy. My name is Willy. I use to be gay. I use to be silly. As of now, I am no longer glad of my existence. People who did not know me had described me as auspicious in the past. Hoodwinked by my jaded appearance these tortured ignorant souls should have been a little bit more critical in their judgment. My decadent zany existence had affected my self-esteem, and now I felt as if I was the laughingstock of the town. The absence of a majestic woman is the source of my torture. My heart had never felt so gnarled, Derny, and rancorous. It seems true that whenever I find love an outbreak of misfortune is never far down. The impeding nature of a pessimist pedant is usually enough to distract me from love. The thought of love ran ruminatively throughout my mind and mimicked a reinforcement, which petitioned my emotions to give in and conform. As I sat in my bed awaiting the abyss of dreams, I began to recall a more luscious and upbeat time in my youth. I had been the central character of love and main recipient of fortune and luck. Beyender in my old memories, I remember feeling a sense of a mountaineer like wisdom, of invincibility, of youth. Times in which I felt happy to be alive, happy to breath I would seldom frown. I would boust in the morning and not sleep until late in the night. I single handedly played leapfrog with who ever wanted. Just a glimpse of life would have been enough to drive me to live for a million years. I lie in my bed reminiscing simpler times, and cherish memories. These were my last moments before my ultimate breakdown. I had ingested some cyanide pills before going to bed and in a few second, I will become history. Why should I die? I am the manager of my destiny and I have grown tired of lack of love. I wish to not live and conform to the moral aspects of society, which entail me to love another human being. I love myself, and so I will die with whom I love.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

Beyender= Buried deep

Boust= wake and be happy

Derny= empty

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    Great! However, I really don't like the line "my breath smells of puke"...

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    No. Shakespeare 'invented' quite some words, yet bubble became no longer certainly one of them! This widely used false impression became unwittingly given a great strengthen with the aid of Baz Luhrmann throughout the promoting of his 1996(?) rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. in the time of an on-reveal interview, at an identical time as he became alluding to the fact that Shakespeare became the source of such quite a few of our English words, it form of feels Baz felt he could arise with an occasion - 'bubble'. regrettably, bubble became no longer the main suitable occasion, because it became already a easy adequate be conscious in Shakespeare's England, used on the time for the two: a million) a gas crammed liquid sphere; and a couple of) a booby or dunderhead! Bubble is a be attentive to Anglo-Saxon/ Frisian beginning place. in one form or yet another (eg, bobbel, bubel) it probable pre-dated Shakespeare with the aid of something as much as a millennium or greater.

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    OMG! you should enter that in a contest! It's fantastic! great job!

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