what drugs will stop you getting in the british armed forces?

before i start, im not some crack head/pot head/junkie or whatever you wanna call it. ive never touched cannabis or any other form of illegal drug. however, i have taken ephedrine during pre games of rugby for a buzz. all the lads do it, and it does work. however, im considering joining the armed forces soon and concerned that having previously used ephedrine [not anymore], that it might show up on some sort of test.

i know the drug is banned by the IOC, but you can buy this stuff off any sports website. other supplements i take are:

BSN Nitrix

BSN No Explode

USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic

USN Nitro Voltage X

USN 19 Anabol Tablets

ive not touched ephedrine in about 3 months, but would any of those supplements, which arnt banned by the IOC be on the test? call me paranoid but hey.

Thanks for any information anyone can give.

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