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Is it OK to run an illegal library from my locker at school?

Let me explain.

I go to a private school that is rather strict. Recently, the principal and school teacher council released a (very long) list of books we're not allowed to read. I was absolutely appalled, because a large number of the books were classics and others that are my favorites. One of my personal favorites, The Catcher in the Rye, was on the list, so I decided to bring it to school to see if I would really get in trouble. Well... I did but not too much. Then (surprise!) a boy in my English class asked if he could borrow the book, because he heard it was very good AND it was banned! This happened a lot and my locker got to overflowing with the banned books, so I decided to put the unoccupied locker next to me to a good use. I now have 62 books in that locker, about half of what was on the list. I took care only to bring the books with literary quality. Some of these books are:

>The Perks of Being a Wallflower

>His Dark Materials trilogy


>The Canterbury Tales


>The Divine Comedy

>Paradise Lost

>The Godfather


>Interview with the Vampire

>The Hunger Games

>The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

>A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

>Animal Farm

>The Witches

>Shade's Children

>The Evolution of Man

> the Holy Qu'ran

... and lots more.

Anyway, I now operate a little mini-library that no one has access to but myself. Practically a real library, because I keep an inventory log and give people due dates and everything. I would be in so much trouble if I got caught, but I think it's the right thing to do because before I started, almost no kid at school but myself took an active interest in reading! Now not only are all the kids reading the banned books, but go out of their way to read anything they can get their hands on. So I'm doing a good thing, right? Oh, and since you're probably wondering "Why can't you just go to a local library and check out the books?" most of the kids are too chicken or their parents won't let them but the books. I think that people should have open minds. Most of the books were banned because they contained information that opposed Catholisism. I limit my 'library' to only the sophmores, juniors and seniors just in case so you can't say I'm exposing young people to materiel they're not mature enough for. But is what I'm doing wrong because parents and teachers don't know about it and might not like it, or is it a good thing because I am starting appreciation of the classics and truly good novels (Not just fad novels like Twilight) in my generation?


More books I have:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The Picture of Dorian Gray


Lord of the Flies

Bridge to Terabithia


East of Eden

The Brothers Grimm Unabridged Fairytales.

...the list goes on.

Update 2:

Twilight is banned also, but I don't want that polluting my library.

Update 3:

As for getting the press involved, reporters are not allowed on campus. Besides, my parents would be so mad if they found out I was doing this.

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    This is freaking fantastic. I can't even explain how amazing I think you are. Technically, you're breaking school rules and you could get into trouble for this "shady business" but I think it's well worth it. Keep doing it. Years from now, you'll be able to look back on this and go, "Man, was I cool." (Some of us can only say that for attempting to break a world record and failing.) I have so much respect for you and I don't even know you.

    I can't really think of anything else to say so, for fear of me rambling stupidly on about how fantastic you are, I'm just going to end this now.

    Just- good for you. Really. Good for you. :D

    Edit: I do, however, agree with other suggestions to do things like keeping the books at home and doing something about the list so that they can't use them as evidence. Because as someone else said, one book might result in a detention but 62 books will definitely result in something like in-school suspension. Depending on whether you're willing to risk that (because if I'm not mistaken, colleges will be able to see this type of stuff) you should probably do something about that. Even if you keep going and colleges *do* see something about it, I doubt they'll be less than impressed by at least your determination. Either way, you're brave in doing this and smart if you haven't gotten caught- how long have you been doing this, again?

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    OMG you are literally the coolest person I have ever met (or read from). All of those books are fantastic and I simply cannot see The Witches and Animal Farm are banned. They might as well tell you the only thing you can watch is the news on TV and still block the reports about the Middle East. You've graduated by now I suppose so did you get away with it for the rest of your high school career?

    You're are just freaking amazing, I wish you were here right now so I could buy you a machiatto or something from Starbucks.

    You go girl, like this is awesome. This is definitely you can tell people as a story or something. You're freaking brilliant.

    I salute you and bet you're off now doing something brilliant with your life.

    Congratulations! You're an inspiration to so many kids. Like even if you got like suspended or something (even though that's not good at all) at least it would have been something cool and awesome.

    Just... you go girl,:)

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    1. Yes, you're doing a good thing. You could minimize your exposure by operating somewhere not on school grounds. Then, at least in theory, you couldn't be suspended or expelled. Is there a patch of woods or a hangout where the teenagers like to go where you could stash your library? A camping store might have a cooler or other waterproof container that would do, but I recommend double-ziplocking anyway.

    2. You want people to have open minds, but then you turn around and say that you don't want Twilight "polluting" your library. That's hypocritical. The Twilight books are not fine literature, but neither is Brooks or Pullman. On a technical level, the Twilight series is better written than Northern Lights/Golden Compass, with which you seem to have no problem. I'll be the first to say it's not everyone's cup of tea, but there's a place in this world for some escapist low fantasy romance after a long day at work or in class. I'm not saying that you have to include it in your library, especially considering that you take a risk with every book, but sneering at works that aren't to your taste isn't going to help you encourage people to read.

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    I just read this on a meme site (Don't worry, they thought it was awesome too) and had to create an account to tell you that you are a bloody fantastic person. I know it was 5 years ago, and since I've no idea how the American education system works I'm just going to assume that you've left school now, but what you did for yourself and your classmates was something short of a miracle in an age where computers and technology well and truly rule the roost. Tell me: did you ever get discovered at all?

    I completely agree that everyone should have an open mind, and banning books because they oppose a religion or an idea, especially in an environment of impressionable young people, is just not on. I think I would've done something similar if I was in your situation. I'm not going to lecture you about breaking school rules because that would make me a total hypocrite, given my own school reputation.

    Thank you for making not just my day, but my entire YEAR,


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    how interesting to hear that a private school has something to hide or maybe they don't agree with the material or the authors perspective. Reporters can sometimes find truth but, also lies cuase more damage than good "A Reporters motive" just something to think about. I do think its cool you are into books cause are a good source but, life is also so take some notes"Diaries" they are called right yet I would make one for personal growth not to be polluted by stories bout love interests.

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    Okay, so you are legitimately my new hero, what you are doing for these students is amazing. Going past the rules to bring people knowledge that was unrightfully stolen from them, that is amazing. You need keep going for as long as you can. Now, yes, it is possible you'll get caught, and I would honestly be careful who you let borrow the books, some people will get you in trouble for this, but please don't let that stop you. If you ever do get in trouble, to be honest, that's not a huge deal, actually it will look better for you and your cause. If people are stopping others from having the right of knowledge, no one can look down on the person who gave it back. If you get caught, the press, and the reporters will all help and support your endeavor, and no good college can say what you're doing is wrong, for it's not, and if they don't want you there, then they are not a good college, for they do not belive in everyone's right to knowledge. Keep on keepin on, and fight for knowledge.

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