Small-town attractions in Ohio?

Please tell me about any small-town attractions in Ohio that you might know. I am planning a road trip to see some of Ohio's scenic areas and I need a few ideas. Thanks for your help!

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    Roadtripping through Ohio is fun! They have some really unique attractions.

    1. Theme parks: Cedar Point (Sandusky) & Kings Island (Columbus) - some world class rollar coasters and a great time!

    2. Zoos: Toledo, Cleveland & Cincinati are three top zoos. I've been to zoo's all over the country and Ohio has been very blessed with having some high quality zoos.

    3. Cuyahoga Falls National Park: No charge for entrance or hiking, but small fee for bike rental. Incrediable water falls. Perfect for photo junkies or outdoor enthusiast.

    4. Alpaca Farms: definately unique and soooo cute! Some of them have petting farms or tours. We found a bunch just east of Cuyahoga Falls - there were brochures everywhere, but I can't remember which one we went to. We got a massage while we were there too - there was a holostic center next door!

    5. National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wrght Patterson Air Force Base. This museum is free, extrememly interesting and did I mention free? I do walk through the whole museum, but my favorite area is the experimental aircraft in the back. They have some pretty wild looking things back there. They also have an IMAX (not free) and a cafe on site.

    6. Sauders Village: This is a must for all history buffs. They have moved old original buildings and equipment to this one sight. Old churches, old one-room school houses, old dental offices (scary), residential homes from different eras and much more. They also have people that work the farm and the equipment. There are people making old fashion wood craft toys, women spinning wool etc. They sell many of the things that they make on-site. Old fashion brooms, metal works, wood works, sweaters, etc. My favorite part of this museum is the homemade ice cream. Actually, it's the homemade fudge. Perhaps it's the homemade candy. Hmmmm. Actually, I just really like it here.

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    Visit a free site do a search for that city or one nearby, the forum there will allow you to ask real people that have been there done that. If you know any cities you plan to visit, type those into the search box and visit the forum for that city or a near one for more info.

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