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Baseball Tonight or MLB Tonight?

There's just something about "Baseball Tonight" that I like better than "MLB Tonight". Maybe it's just the personalities, John Kruk is hilarious and Buster Olney and Tim Kurchen are very informative. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I like Baseball Tonight better. What about you?

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    I can understand how you feel. I think the main reason is that we are very comfortable with "Baseball Tonight". We are familiar with those who anchor the show.

    However, I've been watching "MLB Tonight" and find that they are very good as well. I was always a big fan of Harold Reynolds. I know he was fired from ESPN and that was very unfortunate. I knew he would pop up somewhere and glad that he's with the MLB network.

    I'm going to watch both and give MLB a chance to prove itself before making a final decision.

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    Baseball Tonight

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    I also prefer Baseball tonight, I sometimes get tired of listening to harold reynolds on every show on mlb network. I like listening to Buster Olney more than any of the other guys. He just gets straight to the point unlike the guys on mlb network.

  • Well, we have yet to start the season, so we'll see how those two measure up. We are only in spring training and MLB tonight has yet to show us how much coverage it can offer, so I think there are some unknowns in this comparison. Baseball tonight has impressed me thus far, so I think I like baseball tonight, mostly because of slightly better personalities.

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    I've got to say Baseball Tonight because my cable company is not carrying MLB Network, so I've never seen MLB Tonight.

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    I haven't watched MLB Tonight, so I have to go with Baseball Tonight.

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    At the moment, I would have to go with "Baseball Tonight" but it wins out of default. I haven't really watched too much of "MLB Tonight." I have to sit down and watch an entire episode.

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    i like baseball tonight but john kruk is a moron. he never makes sense or seems to have any real baseball insight. if he does he doesnt know how to convey it. but the overall baseball tonight is a good show.

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    I boycott ESPN so MLB tonight.

    MLB tonight provides more inside coverage and the personalities are better. NO Eric Young on MLB Network, thank god, i cant even understand what that guy says.

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