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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionSoap Operas · 1 decade ago

Can someone fill me in on the last like 3 months of One Life to Live?

there was nothing on TV last night so i flipped over to soap net and watched half an episode of one life to live. i was sooooo confused i mean whos the serial killer? who has died? has starr found out the truth about her baby? wats with jess and brody? are rex and gigi still together? wats with the whole blair, john, marty thing? i need to know a lot


also who is tea?

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    We have not found out who the killer is yet. Brody and Marty friend Wes has died and so has Lee Helpern AKA Janet, Marty's nurse. No, no one knows that the babies were switched yet but Natalie and Rex are on the verge of figuring it out. Jess and Brody formed a connection while in Saint Anns. Yes Rex and Gigi are still together but Gigi's sister Stacey is trying to make a move on Rex. Blair was with John and then John found Marty and deep down he still has feelings for her. Plus Blair is a jealous person and on top of that her and Marty have a history together so yeah I think thats about everything....You can go to and watch current episodes and read recaps.

    Tea is Todd's ex wife also a firend of the Vega family. She is back in town as Todd and Ray Montez's attorney.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alright.......Tea Delgado is an ex wife to Todd Manning. while marty was recovering from her accident, her memory was gone, and todd was keeping her away from the rest of the world while he essentially nursed her back to health. she found out that he was lying about everything, and he was going to go to jail. Then, tea stepped in as his lawyer and cleared all charges, though he did go to jail for a while. but then he got out. also, todd was planning to steal starr's baby, its a long story. .. but starr lied on the witness stand and todd came off innocent. nobody knows who the serial killer is, but they killed lee hauper*sp?* and marty saybrook and brodys friend, Wes. also, starr does not know the truth about her baby yet, nobody knows. except Bess and Tess... i believe tess knows? but i know for sure that bess does, because she planned everything. Jess and brody i believe have a thing for each other, they started liking each other in St. Ann's... but jessica got out, brody i think is still in there. rex and gigi are still together, but i believe stacey, gigi's long lost sis, is going to ruin that.ugh!!! i love rex and gigi together. blair and john were very good together, and then john realized that todd was keeping her in his house (remember about the accident ^^) and john went and saved her, this broke the law of the police force, because john had no warrent, so he lost his police badge and was kicked off the force. well marty and john have a thing now, but blair and john still do also. marty and blair hate each other, though john cares for both.

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