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fin73 asked in Science & MathematicsMathematics · 1 decade ago

How to calulate miles driven?

How do I do the math? If I spent $6218.85 on gas last year, driving a car that gets 13.6 miles to the gallon. How many miles did I drive?

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    Depends on how much you paid for each gallon of gas!

    Let's assume you paid an average of $G/gallon You must have bought 6218.85/G gallons, so you drove 13.6 x 6218.85/G miles. That's 84576.36/G

    You probably know what you paid on average.

    Let's see what we get if we assume $3/gallon

    That would be 84576.36/3 = 28,192 miles.

    Oh, my suggestion—get a smaller car or lighter shoes!

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