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How to make what I eat have less carbs/impove in some other way?

This is what I ate today. It's a pretty typical day for me. I don't want to go low or no carb, but I think that I eat far too many carbs. Any ideas? And, I'm a vegetarian, so eating meat isn't going to work for me.

Breakfast: oatmeal, a yogurt, and a glass of skim milk

Lunch: a wheat bagel w/ 1/3 less fat cream cheese and 1 really big apple

Snack: a handful of almonds and a handful or 2 or carrots

Dinner: a chicken flavored veggie burger on a wheat bun with ketchup

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    Check your grocery store for sprouted grain bread (I like Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame). It'll probably be in the freezer section or the natural foods section. It's made from whole grains instead of flour (even whole wheat bread is made from flour) and is a little bit lower in carbs and generally better for you. You can just pop the frozen slices in the toaster. Once you get used to it, it's pretty addictive. Ezekiel also makes sprouted grain hamburger buns. And somebody, I think it's Joseph's, makes high-protein/low carb pitas and lavash which are pretty delicious.

    I don't know what kind of oatmeal you eat, but they're not all equal. Compare different types at the grocery store and go for the one with the most protein/least carbs, preferably one that's not too processed, like steel-cut oats.

    Anyways, it doesn't look like you're getting too many carbs, although it's always a good idea to cut back on refined carbs like the ones in regular bread. You could, however, use some more vegetables and legumes, and it wouldn't hurt to substitute condiments with nutritional value for the ones you're using, at least some of the time. You know, almond or peanut butter instead of cream cheese, red pepper hummus and baby spinach on your veggie burger, and so on. Unless you really hate cooking, you should come up with a few bean-and-veggie-based recipes you like, such as chili, lentil stew, etc, and then make them in big batches and freeze the leftovers. Makes it easy to eat a cheap, healthy, whole-grain meal.

    I'd also recommend finding a cookbook that inspires you, one with a lot of good lunch suggestions (my favorite is "How It All Vegan"), so you can introduce some fun new meals into your life. Also check out

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    Hi !

    I have answered this question so many times that I now just copy and paste my story !

    If you want to loose fat, I suggest eating a well balanced diet.

    Grilled or baked lean meats, fruits, fiber, vegetables, water and un - salted nuts.

    Exercise 5 days of the week, alternating with cardio and strength training. Do not cross out anything from your " diet", save the 2 days that you do not work out for being able to eat junk foods. You will not over indulge, after 2 weeks of eating a well balanced diet, on the 2 off days you have, you will not want as much junk food.

    I lost 105 pounds in 1 year by eating this this way.

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