This is for men who are mainly attracted to BBW (thick, big, larger women), what about them are attractive?

I am just curious, I'm a big women myself. There arn't a lot of men that are attracted to larger women, or atleast I haven't found very many. But anyways, what is it about bigger women that men like?

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    I'm an Asian guy who loves BBW. Big girls are so sexy. They have curves in all the right places. They have big breasts, big a$$es, and big tummy. Just thinking of them make me hard. When it come to sex a slim Asian guy like me can penetrate a big girl real deep. Single BBW out there should give Asian guys like me a chance to date.

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    Here is an Honest answer. I'm 6ft 2 inches tall and I have an athletic build. Most women think Im very attractive & I have always been attracted to thick slightly larger women. I dont mind women who have a little extra stomach, big butt or extra weight. I Love curves & to me its voluptuous. Some skinny women think they are hot & all of them are not. Some are but some definitely are not. Now please keep in mind there is a big difference in Obese/ Sloppy fat and Slightly overweight. Cleanliness is very very important also. If a woman is very clean with a pretty cute face and a warm funny personality she always has a chance with me. It helps if she smells pleasant too. Some big women have dirty hair & lets just say dont smell the best. LOL! Also a Bone skinny girl with a pretty face has no chance at all. Why? Because I like curves. One of my best friends put it this way.. His name is Tim. He always said.. "No Butt! No Tim". LOL! He Likes Hippy girls too but Not Humoungous Sloppy Fat Hips. There is such a thing as too much hips, ya know. So to put it in a nut shell. Some of us Want Something we can hold on to. No One wants a Bone, except for a Dog. LOL! Curves are Great! Oh yeah, and they normally have nice full breast too. During the winter a slightly larger woman can keep you warmer too. ha ha ha. All this is just exterior anyway. The real key is to have a warm, pleasant personality & sense of humor with honesty. I know women who look great but their personality ruins it. I hope this help. I'll Take A Slightly Larger Woman over a Bony Skinnly women any day. LOL! I Hope this helps...

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    A lot of men these days are LOVING thicker women. I'm not thick at all, but believe me I seem more big women with men then ever.

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    Oh they exist...

    as closet bbw admirers..or on the internet.

    im like you...i hardly ever in real life come across a guy that really likes bbw....if i do...he is old enough to be my father...and really creepy.

    if there was an island of bbw admirers and i moved there...knowing my luck..they would all magically

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  • 1 decade ago

    What would you define as 'bigger woman'?

    I've asked many guys - at 17/18 they are a bit close minded it seems...

    Between size 12 and 18- are bigger women.

    And other guys have said 14-22

    no one said more than that though...


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    There are several reasons that I like BBW'S. They usually have really cute faces. I like the extra meat for love making. It just feels so good. They put forth the extra effort to make you happy. They usually are not high maintenance. They are usually really easy to please, and they will do almost anything to keep their man happy. Add all that up, and it's no wonder why I am a BBW lover.

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    I answered a similar question, but it's really just the excess fat for me. It makes a BBW look so feminine to have that extra weight and extra curves sticking out. I love big bellies, big thighs, butts, etc. It's all just so beautiful to me. If I see a muffin top, a double belly, a double chin, back rolls, or love handles on the right girl (not all big women are beautiful), it is an instant turn-on.

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    I know a few guys who like bigger women, and its their curviness and voluptuousness. After all, a bigger woman can still have a figure that has great womanly proportions.

  • 1 decade ago

    They like big boobies! And anyway, dont nobody want a bone but a dog! ( of course, the answer to that is that there are a whole lot of dogs out here!)

  • 1 decade ago

    big women have more curves and more to love. Bigger boobs too. most guys like skinny or just right women...but those women are mainly snotty and think too much of themselves. Bigger women ten to be smarter and have better conversations.

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