Experience with tattoos covering scars/stretch marks?

I got my first tattoo last year on my left foot and love it. I am ready to get more and have been researching info on tatts to cover scars/stretch marks.

I ended up with a few stretch marks after having kids (being a size 3 and having a 9 lb. baby can do that to someone). I've been too self-concious to wear a bikini since having my youngest (who is now almost 8). I'm in good physical shape and don't have any sagging skin or other post-baby issues except I've got a couple of very wide (1/8"), very obvious stretch marks on my right abdomen and right hip bone area. I'd rather get a new tatt that I'm happy to show off instead of hiding my stomach all the time!

Has anyone out there covered stretch marks with tattoos and are happy with the results? Any pointers on tattooing over the scar or rather around it to minimize?

Any links or pics would really help. Thanks in advance for any advice!


I've given up on the idea of creams and such - most of those only work for very thin marks, anyway. And I've had friends get the laser treatment without much success (which is also very expensive!) I even consulted with a plastic surgeon who said there's not much else that can be done, especially for the mark that's on my hip bone. I'm extending the question a few more days and 10 pts. for a pic or a link!! I'd like to see examples please!!

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    Tattooing can help mask scars, I have a tattoo on my anke covering a scar from an auto accident. It's just important for you to remember, the texture of the skin will remain the same. Tattooing over the stretch marks still won't make the smooth like normal skin.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes it will cover it, but not well. Because the scars are a different texture to your normal skin it will effect the way the tattoo looks, I recommend using bio oil or a similar product to reduce the appearance of the scars, then consulting an artist who specializes in cover up tattooing, and asking them to help you with a design that will 'cover' the scars well. Depending on the size, width, length, depth, age of the scars the bio oil might do very little to help, but it is worth a try, it will make the finished product (if you do decide to get a tattoo) look much cleaner and more even. If your scars are raised (or sunken in for that matter) tattooing over them is not only going to look a bit off, but it will be very hard for the artist to get the results you'd like as the texture of the skin varies so greatly, lines would be less even etc;

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  • 1 decade ago


    I used to have pretty bad stretch marks and red scars around my belly region ever since I gave birth to my three kids.I had tried Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter which a number of people had recommended but unfortunately it didn't seem to work too well. My Doctor had even suggested that I go for a Tummy Tuck. I then recently read an article about a lady who supposedly got rid of her stretch marks using a particular cream. I tried it and it worked really well. It took a number of weeks but my stretch marks soon faded away. You can read the lady's article at the link below.


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  • 1 decade ago

    my aunt had stretch marks and she got them like... I dont know how to explaiin this but she got her marks to look like scratches kinda nad then she got tiger claws. hard to explain it looks nice though

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