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--Kaciieツ-- asked in PetsRodents · 1 decade ago

Who knows a lot about gerbils and hamsters?

Hi, as you all know I have lots of animals but, my old hamster died and my dad wants me to write an essay on why I want gerbils and hamsters, and he said to write about what they like etc. So could someone give me a brief idea thanks!

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  • Elle
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    1 decade ago
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    Gerbils like to take a sandbath. Just when they find a fine sand, they roll themselves with a very fast body movement. This is obvious because gerbils like to be cleanly. Autogrooming gerbils spread a dark red lipid substance from the Harderian gland to their coat surface, so it becomes a little darker and the warmth from sunlight is better absorbed. However sandbathing removes the dark lipids and so it is slightly regulating these absorbent abilities of the coat.

    Wild gerbils like to eat seeds, flowers, roots, leaves, and insects. You should feed your pet gerbil every 1 to 2 weeks. When you feed your gerbil you should check the water. Pet gerbils like to eat lettuce, carrots, banana peels and food from pet stores. If you feed your gerbil banana peels don't give them too much at once. Gerbils love to gnaw. They are probably the most well know gnawer next to the beaver.

    Gerbils make homes under the ground called burrows. Just like almost any other rodent there are rooms for sleeping and eating. The entrance to the burrow is round and is made a certain way so wind can't get in. Sometimes gerbils will build their burrows right next to each other and form a colony. Since gerbils are most active during the night they mostly stay in their burrow eating and sleeping.


    Hamsters need to be able to chew, and they need to be able to exercise. Hamsters really were made to run, so a running wheel is a must. A hamster wheel must be large enough (many hamster wheels are more appropriate for dwarf hamsters than Syrian hamsters), safe (no wire wheels, please), and for your sanity, quiet. For chewing, a variety of wood structures and toys will help keep your hamster's teeth in shape. Hamsters also tend to like play tubes and tunnels and things they can climb on.

    T he basic fodder should be lean seeds (not oats), rich in carbonhydrates, with the addition of fresh plant stuff such as vegetables or fruit. Avoid sour fruits and lettuce. Neutral additions of powdered vitamins and minerals may be strewn over the food in recommended amounts. Make sure that the fodder is adapted to the hamster in a sense of size, even though the hamster is a rodent. Concerning the teeth of the hamster single measures should be taken, so that the animal gets a supply of chewy pieces, either usual, unprepared wood, or chewing biscuits or stones specially made and sold in stores for that purpose. The hamster must have a supply of fresh water. Choose a water bottle designed for hamsters. Make sure that the animal learns to drink from the bottle, in case this doesn´t happen by its own initiative you must help it by carefully feeding it with the lip, so that it learns the connection. Without the supply of fresh water the hamster may suffer from constipation. Be consistent in the diet and avoid fast changes. The hamster is not to be fed with sweets, especially not chocolate. Calcium shortage may be prevented by making sure that the animal has access to a mineral stone.

    Gerbils are social animals and like to have a friend of the same or opposite sex in their cage

    Hamsters are solitary and like to be alone.

    But both are friendly with humans and fun to play with and easy and cheap to keep.

    Hope this helped!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because they are sweet,cudlly.They don't ask for much only food and fresh water.If you have an cage alredythat's even better becuse you don't need to buy a new one and no need to spent much money (you can mention this in your essey).They are so cute because you can hold them and cuddle them.They can make your moood go up and help you if your crying (as mine did to me).They just need love,like us kids.Imagine if you didn't get enough love,would you be alive?And in the Zoo they don't have much love from the Zoo workers.They just work,they don't play with the hamsters.So you can tell your dad they if you buy one he will live long and healthy life and have much love.If you still need something more you can go on a site or...I could tell you some more.Well:Hamster need love and care (as I said before), but they need soemthing else also.They need someone to "talk" to.Now you think I'm weird...I'm not...I know exactly how hamsters talk...and if you buy a hamster they need someone else to talk to...even you can't understand them they can understand you (from my own expirience).They talk to you about their life,their sadly or hapily lifes,their families or anything/one else.They are a rear type of animals with a rear type of lifes.If they don't have anyone else (except hamsters) to talk to, they will die.When you want to talk to your hamster/s you talk to them on your language, and they understand you (if you mention this to your dad,he will surely buy you a hamster).If you need any more things you can go on the Internet and find some more things about hamsters/gerbils.

    One more tip: In the essay,write about your old hamster and how did your dad bought you the old one,and if he liked the old one,mention that too.

    Source(s): My own Expirience
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    gerbils are sociable animals, they like living together (girls anyway, in my experience)

    they will chew anything so need lots of toys/the inside of the toilet roll things to run through and chew.

    apparently they are very prone to cancer though, the same as rats.

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