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Can someone please name all the types of cichlid you get???(easy 10 points)?

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    All the types I get? If you mean by what I have, that's fairly easy. If you mean every type there is, I think the other answers that have all said to you, there just isn't enough room to list it on this answer, because by species breakdown, you're talking about well over 3000 species.

    I have, by largest to smallest:

    Nimbochromis Venustus

    Protomelas Steveni (Albino)

    Pytchochromis Oligocanthus

    Paratilapia Polleni

    Scianochromis Fryeri

    Aulnocara (Eureka Red, Regal Yellows)

    Pseudotropheus Flavus

    " " Crabro

    " " Careleus

    " " Kenyi

    " " Socoloffi

    Tilapia Bythobate (debate on if this is a cichlid or not, but I'm listing it as one)

    Astatotilapia latifasciata

    Lipochromis Sp. "Matumbai Hunter"

    Xistochromis Phytophagus

    Astatotilapia aeneocolor

    These are not all in the same tank either, but split over 3 larger tanks and supported with 2 smaller maternity/hospital tanks

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    There are somewhere between 1,300 and 3,000 species of Cichlids. There's no way you'll be able to get someone to name them all.

    Recommendation: Get a book on Cichlids and look through to find the ones you like, or go to your local pet shop and look around at the Cichlid tanks.

    Source(s): Former CEO of a zoo & science museum.
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    No one is gonna spend hours naming all the 3500 cichlid species not to mention the ones still being introduced into the hobby. Its not worth 10 pts.

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    There are over 160 genera and more than 900 species of Cichlids... lol but what you can do is go to this website and it has all of this info on them =)

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    There's not enough room in this text box to do that. It's one of the largest families of fish!

    See this link for all the species given full names:

    It will take a fair few minutes to load!

    This does not include the hundreds more that have not yet been fully named, and does not include the dozens more hybrid species.

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    There are over 900 types of cichilds.

    Here is a website that might be able to name all of them for you.

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    this website will give u the name of all the types of cichlids

    hope this helps :)

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    Labyrinth Fish






  • There are four groups :

    Neotropical (New World)




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