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How to keep the weight down after detoxing?

So I started the lemonade/cayenne/maple syrup diet yesterday and have already lost 4 pounds which I realize is mainly water. I wanted to try it as an experiment before my wedding to see if I could just lose the bloating and crap a few days before marriage.

I am going off of it at the end of tomorrow as I am not really overweight at all but do get swollen/bloated easily due to my birth control.

Anyways, if I steer clear or sugar/carbs and just eat veggies, fruits and lean protein, do you think I could maintain a less weight and not go completely back to where I was?

5'8" originally 126, now 122

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    I wanted to do that Lemon juice detox--Two weeks. But I was on HRT which, I never trusted taking HRT during a fasting; It can be deadly..

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  • Anonymous
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    Lemonade, cayenne and maple syrup... your stools cannot have been very good.

    Do not steer clear of sugar and carbs as you need those in your diet, Atkins and whoever else markets that is an idiot, just dont eat stupid stuff like chocolate, candy... eat potatoes and grains.

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    I would def stay away from high sodium foods (salt) it tends to bloat you up so if you cut down tremendously you should be able to stave off the bloat til the big day. Oh and walk for 30 mins every day or night, stay active.

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  • Crysta
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    1 decade ago

    Do that should help you keep the weight off, also working out 30 minutes a day will help too

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