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Advice please - work colleague leaves his dog in his car all day!!?

I got back from my lunch break and saw a little Jack Russel in one of the cars in the private staff car park at the place I work. One of the windows was left slightly open - and I live in Wales (UK) so the weather at the moment is not scorching.

I came into my office and asked around and was told that the guy in question is someone who works in a different section from me (I dont even know what he looks like) and that he leaves his dog in the car every day all day (from 8am - 5pm). They said that he doesn't always let the dog out at lunch - sometimes it gets left in there all day.

I think this is outrageously cruel - and wondered if anyone could offer me any advice on what i could do to stop him from doing it in future? I feel a bit uncomfortable talking to him as I dont know the guy - but I am parked next to him today and was wondering if I should say something when we leave work?

If you think that I am in the right to want to do something about this - can you give me any suggestions on what to say to him (I dont want to put him on the defensive or start out too negatively) and does anyone know what legal repercussions/outcomes could happen - Ie: if i was too contact the RSPC what could/would they do?

Thanks guys.

PS - I think anyone that leaves their dogs in cars should be locked up. Our German Shepherd will get left with all windows open slightly for a maximum of a couple of mins if we have to pop into a garage/shop etc. Even that only happens rarely - more often than not one of us stays in the car with her,


In reply to UseYourHead -- a crate inside a house all day is still unacceptable in my opinion -- the space is not suitable for long periods.

And even off the top of my head i can think of one reason why a crate inside a house is more acceptable -- the temperatures inside of cars are unregulated and uncontrollable - even with windows open. Even in cooler weather car temperatures can soar in the space of a very short time. Dogs can overheat very quickly.

Thanks to the other answers but i was thinking of speaking to him first as he may be under the (delusional) impression that this is acceptable - he may just need telling? Thoughts?

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    Contact your local animal control authority...or the police, give them the license plate number, make, model, location, and color of the car, include the fact that this happens every day, you have witnessed it.

    After your complaint has been filed, follow up on it every few days to see if any action has been taken.

    good luck

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    Okay you're getting loads of answers and they're all quite mixed so I'm sure you're very confused about what to do.

    To all the people who said leaving a dog in a car all day without being attended to is okay, you are WRONG! It is cruelty and this guy is risking his dog overheating. The dog isn't getting any attention or interactive for the whole day. I know leaving a dog at home all day isn't exactly ideal either but at least there would be no risk of overheating, or being stolen (the reason I would never leave my dogs alone in the car even for a minute).

    I would be tempted to report him to the RSPCA immediately. I don't tolerate any kind of animal cruelty. However, I know you want to speak to him first, so...

    You need to be 100% sure of the facts. Is this a long term thing or is it something he is doing just while he moves house or something like that? Has the dog got a water bowl? Is he letting it out for a wee at all through the day?

    Once you know the facts then you're in a better position to take action. Send him an email saying:

    "I have noticed that you leave your dog alone in the car all day, every day, and I just want to express my concern. This is not an acceptable way of caring for a dog and I'm concerned about its welfare"...

    Something along those lines would sound ok. But you may be dealing with an idiot here and he might not give a damn. Then if you do decide to report it he will know it was you.

    If you report him without mentioning anything first then it will be anonymous and the warning he gets from the RSPCA will hopefully shock him into changing his ways!

    Good luck x

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    I have had a similar experience with a co-worker who left his Lab puppy in his truck all day while he worked. I did'nt know the guy. He'd just started working at this place and I have no idea exactly how long he'd been working or bringing the dog with him. He parked next to me one morning and when I went to my car at break, saw the dog and was shocked. I asked whose Bronco was parked next to me and the few people outside did'nt know but someone told me they'd seen the dog left in the truck before all day. It was late Feb. and fairly nice out. Temperature was around 50 degrees. Windows were cracked and the dog had a food and water bowl in the back as well as a bed and a chew toy.

    At lunch I again went to my car to eat in peace and the fella soon came along and took the dog out for a walk while he ate his lunch which I watched him share with his puppy. When he put him back in the truck I told him what a cute kid he had there and a conversation about the dog just naturally occurred where it came out that the guy had been tossed out of his girlfriends house where he'd been paying all the bills until he lost his job. Everyrthing was fine there until his savings were gone and she had to start paying her way as well as help him and she did'nt like it one bit so she threw him out the day before he started working at this place. He was in fact living in his truck with the dog and had nowhere he trusted to leave the little guy all day while he worked. With the weather not being harsh he worried about him but all went well this far and he'd be moving into an apartment of his own the following week when he got paid so he'd hoped it'd be alright. the owners had told him he could bring the dog as long as he did not bring him inside the plant or allow him to be anywhere near the driveway or the docks. They evan had suggested he tie him up on the backside of the building late in the day should it get too hot in his truck and later that week he did so, taking his breaks with the pup to make sure he was alright.

    Maybe you can try mentioning how cute the dog is just to break the silence and you'll find a similar situation. Some people are just too ignorant for words but there are times when what we're really looking at is a situation that requires a friendly hand up.

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    I think that it is cruel to leave a dog alone all day. Unfortunately thousands of people do this without a thought for their dogs welfare. The people who work full time and do not make provision for a dog to be walked in their absence are totally selfish.

    At present the weather is cold, consequently the dog will come to no harm in the car. If he did this all the year round his dog would be dead by now. The dog will be less bored in the car because there are people passing. In view of this I think that he will be happier in the car than being in the house on it's own.

    Before you speak to him you should make more enquiries, its possible that he does take his dog for a walk in his lunch hour and that the people who you have asked are unaware of this. If he leaves his dog in the car in the Summer, call the RSPCA.

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    There are several reasons to bring a dog to work and leave it in the car.

    1. the dog will get walked and attended to during the day

    2. the weather is cold enough so that the car will NOT overheat. There is no heat in the sun at the moment.

    As long as the dog has food and water and somewhere, like a newspaper, to pee and poop, then there is no problem leaving the dog in the car, it's a better alternative than leaving a dog home for 12+ hours.

    Most dogs love being in THE CAR.

    The dog may be a barker and is annoying the neighbours.

    There could be many reasons why he brings the dog to work.

    As long as the car is kept in the shade, there is no risk.

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    In the US, that is animal abuse/neglect, and the local animal control officers can physically remove the dog from the car. Does the UK also have these type of laws?

    If you don't feel comfortable talking with the guy, can you leave a note, either on the car or on his desk, stating that you are concerned for the safety of the dog and feel there should be other options other than leaving it alone in the car all day.

    You could also report it to the local authorities and have them handle the situation.

    Either way, I would definitely do something

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    This used to happen at a organisation I worked some years back. When it became public knowledge amongst the staff, the Regional Director actually stepped and spoke to the member of staff concerned, as they felt it reflected badly on them if members of the public were to see an animal left unattended for so long. It is one way to avoid making it personal.

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    This might be the only way to please the dog and not have the neighbors calling the constable for excessive barking dog. If you know of a good place this dog can spend the day rather than the car, like doggy day care, you can offer the phone number or address to him. That would be a neighborly way to handle it.

    He might not get seen walking the dog because he probably sneaks and does this when others are busy.

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    I would contact your local authority that deals with dog laws and cruelty. In my city, we have an ordinance stating that an animal can not be left in a car for over 1 hour, and that they may not be left in a vehicle at all in extreme weather conditions (and the responding animal control officer will determine whether conditions are extreme-not the owner). It's possible that the authorities can help on this.

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