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Was it wrong for Rush to admonish African-American Michael Steele?

Rush made some pretty harsh comments about Michael Steele. And now major Republicans are calling for Steele to step down. Is it appropriate for the GOP to be so harsh on its leading African-American role model?

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    When Obama beat Hillary for the Democratic nomination the Republicans rushed to find a woman to put on the ticket. When Obama was elected the Republicans rushed to find a leader who was african american. Both times they picked a loser.

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    Strange question. I am a Conservative, I do not see Michale Steele as an "African -American". I see him as a fellow American. I do not see him as a "Black Man" but as a man.

    I have been trying to tell everyone that the only bigotry in America is the bigotry of low expectations that exists on the Left. I am a Conservative, myself. I expect just as much from everyone else as I do from my own family and friends. I do not believe that any ethic group, especially one that has endured as much as American Blacks have is suddenly so pathetic that you have to be careful what you say to them or that you should not expect too much from them.

    I have news for you. Black People, White People, Asian People, Hispanic People and any other group of people are more than up to the task of being self-reliant and of being strong leaders.

    As a Conservative I submit, that Rush Limbaugh has too much respect for Michael Steele to not take him to task when he is wrong. Just as he would take any man to task that he believes is wrong.


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    It was perfect. It illustrates what disarray the republicans are in. Jeez, a party led by a comedian? Heck everybody who dares say anything about Rush ends up apologizing. And if the economy turns around next year, I'm sure everyone will remember how Rush said he hoped Obama failed, 4 days after he took the oath of office. You guys are gonna have to change the name of your party or something.

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    Mr. Steele is a race-baiting instigator.

    I was shocked when I heard that he was supposed to be the party's leadership. Playing the victim and accusing everyone of not being nice enough to black people is the Democrat's thing.

    FYI - I dislike Rush just as much.

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    He is the Head of the GOP, in a free country, he should of had the freedom to say what he pleased, but since in bowed down to the great and mighty Rush, and sacrificed his balls to the Lord of Radio, what kind of man has he become. I say he should stand up on his own two feet, if he's going to step down he might as well go down with a fight. In the end he does have hope in at least re-claiming a bit of his man hood.

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    Michael Steele is a sucker and a pawn and I cant believe that he apologized to Rush...He is not a leader

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    I agree with Rush. If Steele isn't enough of a conservative, then he should be tossed out.

    I am tired of putting people in positions of power because, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to elect a BLACK guy?"


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    I'm sure Rush said nothing about his race.

    That's only mentioned by Liberals all the time.

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    No he wasn''s what Rush does, and sources please about other Reps asking Steele to step down, haven't heard that one yet.

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    No, but it was wrong (and dumb) of steele to apologize for speaking the truth about limpbaugh.

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