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Marketing Homework pls help!!!

Do you think that all companies need to practice the marketing concept? How can marketing concept apply in public services such as post office services?

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    Yes, all companies need to practice the marketing concept, which is the delivery of products and services to best suit the needs of the customers, within the scope of the profit mission of a company.

    The difference between private enterprises and the public service companies are really within the scope of their profit mission. The profit mission for the private enterprises is to maximize the return to the investors, i.e. to maximize profit. The profit mission for the public service companies is to maintain profit or loss at a certain pre-determined level, such as funding budget etc.

    Therefore, once the profit objective is determined accordingly, each company should be subject to the same marketing concept of satisfying thier customers with their products and services. The need to deal with the 4 P s of marketing (product, price, place, and promotion) will be the same for all companies.

    However, public service companies such as the post office, unlike private enterprises, face much less competition, and will continue to receive funding whether their customers are satisfied or not. Therefore they are under less pressure to be successful in marketing. A better monitoring/accountability system based on customer satisfaction survey for public services may be helpful in putting the pressure on.

    Hope this is of some use.

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