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”使用切結書” 英文翻譯一小段(20點)

使用切結書:本人於無管理人員值勤時間使用該設施, 若於此時發生任何傷亡事故; 一切刑/民事責任均由本人自負, 一概與他人無涉. 恐口無憑, 特立書切結

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    In the time period with no supervisor on duty, if my personal use of the facility causes any accident, personal injury, or death, I take full civil and legal responsibility for my behavior, not involving anyone else. This recognizance is a contract more powerful than any oral promise.

    做了一點點修改,以下是翻譯回中文 (較白話)



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    Use affidavit: Oneself in have no manager to execute duty time usage that facilities, if hereat hour take place any dead and injured accident%3 Bs' all Xings/civil cases' responsibilitieses all by oneself complacent, all have nothing related with others. Perhaps have no with, sign a book to slice knot especially.


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    Use the warranty: I am having no time on duty of administrative staff to use this facility, any casualty accident happens when herein; All punishment / civil liability conceited by me, involve in others without exception. Probably the mouth has no evidence, specially set up the book to cut and form




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