late night alumni 傍晚校友??

late night alumni 傍晚校友??




台灣好像翻成 夜什麼精靈的



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    Late Night Alumni 是一個樂團的名稱, 其主唱為Becky Jean Williams, 聲音鬆軟香甜,聽了百分之百愉悅你的雙耳, 征服了不少夜店以及Lounge Bar。以下是其簡介:

    Late Night Alumni is the alias of DJ/producer Kaskade, currently signed to Om Records and loaned to the Hed Kandi label. They tend to mix Dance/house music with strings and soft trance like vocals from their lead singer, Becky Jean Williams' smooth voice. Their current album Empty Streets was successful enough to be made into a polyphonic ringtone and main theme for the Toyota IQ car commercial.

    以字面意思而言, 由於alumni是alumnus的複數, 故late night alumni是「深夜校友團」之意. 至於要怎麼翻這個團名, 就悉聽尊便了, 只要意思符合即可.

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