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Can I get any job with federal law enforcement(FBI, CIA, NSA, etc) without a college degree but military exp?

I'm enlisting in the Army for 2 years active duty as Infantry. After I leave active duty, I want to be a police officer for a couple years. But I don't have a college degree or anything and I heard it's really hard to earn college credits while in active duty.

Is there any job that I can get with the FBI, CIA, NSA, or any federal agency like that with 2 years of Army Infantry and police officer exp? What kind of pay am I looking at?


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    dude... IM in the army as Infantry and i asked the same question.. you can on some cases... you can be a Police officer without a degree, with Infantry as your back round, it'll be easier for you to get into them jobs just as long as you as your not asking to be a paper pusher or some ****... Black water will accept some one who has just an infantry back round..

    Source(s): my Drill Sergeants and Liason
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    Places like the FBI, Secret Service or CIA require a 4 year degree for special agent. Yet, federal law enforcement agencies such as CIA Police, FBI Police, Capital Police, US Park Police, Amtrak Police and Secret Service Uniform Division how ever do not require a degree. It is preferred, but not required. You military experience will really make you stand out. I used to work for Amtrak Police and went to the academy with FBI Police, US Mint Police, Pentagon Police, and SSUD.

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    any and all of the Three Letter Agencies require a Bachelor's degree at minimum. so use the GI Bill after you are discharged to get a degree. although you have to serve 3 years before you are eligible. do they even HAVE 2 year AD contracts any more? I thought they did away with those.

    BTW.. you pretty much need a degree for the Police force too.

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    through my personal experience ive found that with the civilian sector or even federal jobs the fact that your infantry doesnt count for much, most law enforcement and federal jobs see only that you did serve while a technical job in the service would go alot further on a resume for a technical job in the civie world. i can also tell you that with a crystal clean background, some college and 2x combat vet ive applied to all the above as well as secret service, blackwater and triple canopy and got no replies and am now after being unemployed for 6 months am not even having any luck with fast food in my hometown and wish i never picked infantry, however if your local PD is hiring that would be your best start point but it is a long proccess, best of luck to you

    Source(s): 5year infantry and federal applicant
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    It would be much easier to become a police officer. I'm currently looking into the police, my city does not require you have a degree and give applicants with ANY prior military service extra points on their test.


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    All federal law enforcement, most states and large city PDs all require degrees

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    only federal job along that line that you dont need a degree for is border patrol. FBI, CIA, things like that you do UNLESS you are special forces, they recruit directly out of there

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    for federal enforcement you NEED a degree or two.

    like fbi and cia require police experience, and a law or crim justice degree.

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    I can't fully answer your question, but I have a little advice. Just got out of the Army from a 3.5 year contract. When you sign you will have to sign another reserve obligation that will give your total military time 8 years. The recruiters hide tons from you to keep you from asking questions or backing out, but it's not what they say, no matter how cool they might seem. After your active component you will have that reserve obligastion kick in. That means that after 30 days of being out of the military you could very-well be in Iraq with a reserve unit no matter if you just came back from Iraq..I know (but I also have medical conditions which got me out of it), but they did try to tell me that I had to go even after knowing my medical conditions which is insanly illegal. The military will lie about everything. Researching regulations helped me with a LOT of battles with my leadership. There were so many negatives, but I did take the positive from it & now have the stepping stones I need for a great future, starting with the new GI bill for college! I do know in Colorado (I don't know about other states, youd have to google it?) there is a cadet program that prior military automatically qualify for which has you work with the Sherriff's Department, Fire Station, & Police Station depending on where your needed, they provide the uniforms, great benifits & pay 100% for college in whatever field you choose. It doesn't have to be in law enforcement if you don't want. & after you done with school, they offer you a fuul-time job if youd like it or you can go your way no other obligations. Only fall-back is it pays $7.50 an hour which stinks for CO living, but its enough to pay the bills. It's good cuz there may be books & supplies the GI Bill doesn't cover that there program would cover. I was considering this program for a while, but I ended up finding another offer I took.

    I have 0 credited hours from the military in my goal was a 2 year degree. Why, cuz my leadership refused to let me go cuz I was a wheel mechanic & they said our job was too demanding. Even during my lunch hour & after work. It was my own time, but they didn't "FEEL" I could handle it. They let their own beliefs make their choice which has made my process difficult & you'll see that your entire military career, there is no getting around it.

    & if you do join make sure you get a bonus no matter your education you qualify. I had a GED & was told I didn't qualify for a bonus so I believed it. While in AIT (job training) I met a guy with the excact same time on his contract with a GED & 10k. That's a big difference from 0! Then the guy did crack & got kicked out go figure. Anyway, no matter what they say DEMAND a bonus of 10k or more! & if you sign up for jump school on your original contract you get an extra 2k for a bonus, but if they try to get you after you signed your original contract don't! You get nothing extra.

    I'd say you have a better chance of signing up with a civilian contract company that works in Iraq. You still get good experience that relates to law enforcement, only it pay about 100k per year instead of 20k or less. I made about 30k in Iraq for 15 months..thats garbage! Your away from family, friends, & every single normal thing you know & love. I have changed into a person I don't like & am going through some tough times trying to change which makes it harder for me now. The Army is its own world even when your state-side. People talk different & act different then the real world which effects you over-time & you end up matter what anyone says it happens. Especially with you going infantry, nothing but guys. I'd go clerical if I were you. I know it sounds whooseor whatever, but your safer when in combat, you get paid the same as somebody on the front lines, & you go on few convoys only if you have to go to outpost like some finance guys did. 42Alpha I think is human resources. I think the whole 42 series is good. I went on tons of convoys cuz I was a vehicle covery specialist. ALso if you plan on getting out in 2 years Im sure they'll try to call you back with you being infantry so be careful bro. I hope this helps you some. I just don't like how recruiters suck people in & lie so I try to help when I can.

    Also, you will need a bachelors or higher for a job with the agencies you want to work with.

    Source(s): I've been there.
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