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Why so many question about RUSH LIMBAUGH tonight. Is it his birthday or something?

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    Without Bush to pick on, the liberals have no direction at all. So they are now trying to blame all the world's problems on a man who is not even a politician. Its their propaganda campaign to try to ridicule the Republican party out of existence. They make straw man assertions about Rush and pretend they are true. And every media outlet is running with this outright lie that Rush is the de facto leader of the Republican party. That would be Michael Steele. I don't know if Steele will be good at it or not but he's the one who's got the job.

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    No, there was just an article on the Yahoo home page about Robert Gibbs calling out Limbaugh by name and telling the press that were present that they should be asking if Limbaugh's wishing Obama's policies would fail isn't the same as wishing the US would fail.

    They are trying very hard to divert attention from the fact that Obama and his administration are taking the time and effort to attack a private citizen for exercising the right of free speech.

    Disturbing, isn't it?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I dont know but Happy Birthday Rush many more to come too,

  • Wendy
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    1 decade ago

    happy birthday RUSH

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    I don't know why the left are making such a big deal out of Rush. Perhaps that's how they divert attention from the lies, corruption and plummeting stock market.

  • The liberal loons are making him richer with all their talk and publicity about him. He is making money off their rants. Good Job Rush!

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    Most only heard a sliver of what their biased media showed them of his speech.

    he was right on target and said it well. I say to all who didnt see it...YouTube it. Its worth listening to. Unless of course you drank way too much Kool-aid.

  • The dems. just have questions about there own leader.

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    They cant stand the fact that he DESTROYED OBAMA on National TV.


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    No, he is the new Boss Man of the GOP.

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