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FBI information PLEASE?

id like some info on the FBI HRT team. i know you have to be a special agent first. but once your on HRT are you no longerspecial agent or are you just a HRT member when your needed also what can be expected of special agents when they are on duty? I plan on majoring in criminal justice and becoming an Air Force officer then when im about 25 joining the FBI you think that will be enough to get me in? I plan on being a secruity officer in the air force thank you your ansers are apreciated

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    Well, you're on the right track. I assume you're in high school, or have recently graduated. Word on the street is that HRT is the easiest way to become an FBI special agent -but I wouldn't say it's easy. The competition is fierce.

    I would expect you might be able to make it at this route in your late twenties. Your duties will be mostly training for HR.

    Criminal Justice is a weak degree to try to get into the Air Force (and the FBI), but Security Forces is one of the few fields that will accept it. Be certain to have at least a 3.5 GPA to make it through the boards. Do not leave the Air Force without a Master's Degree. You will have a good chance to make it, assuming you're in excellent physical condition.

    Alternatively, I would suggest a targeted discipline (technology, science, language, or accounting, etc.) if you're serious about getting into the FBI.

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