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Please help me achieve this?

I haven't done as well as I should have in high school; I was told I had much potential, but I never really used it. Mid-way through out high school, I got quite jealous of the over-achievers for all the recognition they receive; I even got jealous of my very quiet crush, who was also among the honor students. Now I'm driven to the point that I have to do well in order to be noticed.

I'm currently enrolled in a CC and I need tips on how to succeed in my classes. I'm quite strong in the English/Philosophy/Psychology fields, but I'm also striving to take as much Math and Science classes as much as possible (I'm a psychology major following the Pre-Med curriculum). I want to succeed and be on the Dean's List sometime before next year. I also need to develop some good study habits as well.

Do you really think I can do all this? If so, what can I do to start? I want to be on the top (or near) of my class.

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    Honestly, you have to figure out why you are there. It took me 10 years after I dropped out of high school to successfully get my GED, and go back to school. I'm enrolled in a CC now, and I am almost done with a Chemistry AA. I have all As. There are two simple reasons for this change in my life. The first is the fact that I figured out why I am at school. I am here for myself; not for my parents, not for the chicks, not for society. I'm in school because I found it makes me feel better to be in my own skin.

    The second reason is that now I can dedicate myself more seriously. Instead of looking at school as something I have to BS through. I try to look at it as a serious challenge. I try to force myself to be the best student I can, and take reward from the fact that I actually understand what I've learned, and I make good grades. This kind of behavior gives me satisfaction and reward almost every day. On top of that, I have to be able to tune out the negativity and childishness of some of my classmates. They aren't there because they want to be, they are there for Mom and Dad. Don't let them pull you down.

    You can be an excellent student without studying 24/7. All it takes is an honest, sincere effort to be the best you can be at a sensible pace. Good luck, and namaste :)

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    This link can help you in a broader manner. Nothing is impossible if you really want to do it.

    Best of luck!

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