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Twilight question...Alice Cullen?

Whats the story with Alice? Like how did she become a vampire and who changed her? I know I read it in Twilight but I cant remember. Also, how did she meet Jasper?

People who hate twilight--Please move on, I could do without your negative comments.

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    When Alice was younger, still human, she claimed that she could "See the future", people got scared and worried and admitted her to a ansylum (I think I spelled it right, anyway that big long word is like a Koo Koo house.) While there, a vampire (James) finds her. He is attracted to her blood as much as he is to Bella's. He tries to kill Alice. But, there was a unnamed vampire, who was Alice's doctor, who protected Alice from James. He changed Alice into a vampire, so James could not kill her. The un-named vampire ends up being killed by James.

    How she met Jasper.......she was out on her own, so was he. He was traveling across America. She had a vision about the Cullens (who at the time was only, Emmett, Edward, Carlisle, Rosalie and Esme), then one about Jasper coming into a diner....forgot which state......and then she had a vision about her and Jasper becoming part of the Cullen family. When he showed up at the Diner as expected, she explained to him and they set out to find the Cullens.

    Hope I helped!! Don't worry their story is very confusing, parts are scattered through all four books! I get confused alot!

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    Alice was turned by a vampire who didn't want james to turn her into a vampire i think he cared because he fell in love with her... but any way she cant remember why she turned because she was insane she saw pictures of the future in her head which is why she can tell the future as a vampire. it is inferred that the day she checked into the asylum the day her family consider her dead after she turned she had a Vision of a man and went out looking for him( she was siting in a bar or a restaurant when jasper walked by and stopped she looked at him grabbed him by the arm and said "what took you so long" LOL)

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    i don't know how alice met jasper. i think somehow they met after carlisle changed them in their family. Alice didn't remember where she lived before she was a vampire or what happened to her but she found out later. Everyone that is in the family now was sick when they were human and Carlisle was a doctor, and when he saw they weren't going to live he changed everyone. Carlisle changed everyone in the family except for Bella of course. :-)

    Source(s): twilight books :-)
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    i don't love them in any respect emmett is the in straightforward words one which seems remotely like i imagine he might want to, and Carlisle and Jasper look as if they have pretend hair. i can imagine of one million actors and actresses that could want to look more beneficial effective for the elements. They more beneficial effective pull all the stops because i imagine there may properly be a large form of disapointed followers......... i'm nonetheless disillusioned that Henry Cavill isn't Edward yet i imagine that Robert Pattinson seems good contained in the images. As for Nikki Reed she seems no longer some thing like Rosalie in my ideas isn't Rosalie meant to be imtinidating?

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    james tried to kill her, but some other unnamed vampire came a long and saved her and turned her into a vampire to keep her from dying, and she found jasper because she saw him coming in one of her vision thingys

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    james tells bella in "phone call" thats the name of the chapter. alice saw that jasper in a resturaunt and she saw that he was going to be her mate so she waited in the resturant for him then they went to the cullens cuz she saw that carslie and his cult were "vegitarians"

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    We could do without repetitive Twilight questions..

    If you're going to be insensitive, then why can't we?

    Read the book. Seriously, it's not that hard.

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    There's a Twilight wiki, it's probably there.

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    thanx 4 the 2 points and stop being a lazy bum! re-read that book, girl!

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    Must we go into this? Why can't you just read?

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