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Allergies in Labarador?

my lab is allergic to grass. i got her knowing she had seasonal reactions to grass.

she had a steroid shot yesterday because she was chewing on her skin again. she was on lamb and rice diet but we switched her to Pro Plan Sen. skin and stomach.

she is on chloripanaramine (sp) 2X/day and i was given the okay from the vet to up her to 2 4mg 2x/day (at the most 3 4mg 2x/day)

i am giving her fish oil with DHA and EPA 1x/day.

the vet said to give her Vit. E and i researched giving vitamins for allergies and i found out about vit. C and B may help too.

anyone give these vitamins to their dog for allergy issues? did they work?


pred is not recommended for long term use in young dogs

my lab is only 2 years old.

i am even reluctant to have the steroid injection more than maybe 2 x per year (the vet said 4 x per year but that is still a lot)

Update 2:

she gets weekly baths with a sulfur/tar shampoo because suloxydex is way to expensive to buy and the vet okayed this other stuff as replacement to sulfoxydex.

Update 3:

i just want to know info on the vitamins i listed above not about allergies i myself have them and know what they are i just dont know about vitamins to help my dog...

Update 4:

again the food, bathes, vit. e and fish oil is all Dr. RECOMMENDED.

i am not about to change her food unless the Dr. says to and same with bathing she will continue to have weekly baths to help keep her skin from having severe inflammation and infections.

the skin test for allergies is $400ish and the cocktail shots are even more. why would i spend so much to confirm what i already know plus the shots have a chance of not even working (i have had them and they didn't help me i was on them for about 2 years). i am just looking for answers to the vitamins i have listed in the original question.

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    Our lab had both seasonal allergen issues (contact dermatitis) as well as food allergies.

    Careful with Vit E, as too much can actually sicken your dog. Make sure you follow your vets recommendations.

    Dogs and people are similar, but still very different. I would not supplement any vitamins unless your vet ok's it. (consider the fact that we can eat raisins, grapes and chocolate - but if a dog does, it could prove fatal)

    I will also warn of something I didn't know about, but learned the hard way: Our dog developed something called prednisone psychosis. He needed to be on the prednisone because his allergies were so severe. Benedryl didn't control it at all. Basically, he started hallucinating and was shaking uncontrollably, while growling at the wall. It was really scary. If your dog begins to behave differently when taking the steroids, talk to your vet. Hopefully just the allergy meds your gal is on will be enough to keep her comfortable.

    Good luck!

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    To be honest-I never have heard of vitamins C and B being given to an allergy dog. (only vitamin e-fish oil tablets)

    I have seen vitamin B-complex given to dogs as natural stress reducers.

    I suppose that like in humans Vitamin C could help with the immune system and vitamin B could help with skin/stress.

    I would ask your vet what he thinks personally.

    If the chlor. isn't working why not ask about using prednisolone-its a steroid, but it will help immensely!

    Source(s): work in a vet clinic
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    I also have a dog that has allergies to grass! She was allergic to 3 or the 4 they test for! I have her on allergy shots and she is doing better! Have you asked about doing an allergy shot? I have never herd of that for allergies as well!

    I would also change the food! That is a bad food to have any dog on especially if they have any allergies! I would change to a grain free food. Like Taste of the wild, solid gold, wellness core, or evo!

    I bought my dog bootees to where out side when the grass seems to bother her and that works well too! My dog has allergies to several other thing as well like cottonwood, ragweed. Junipers and it goes on from there!

    I also would not do bathe soo often as well that can make her skin worse! I just found this cream rinse that seems to work well! I just used it this weekend and her skin does not seem to bother as much! It’s called relief! I just got the cream rinse and you can leave it on and not rinse it off! I also stopped using medicated shampoo as well they always made her skin worse! Here is where I got it!


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    I would be switching her food to grain free. One of the Natural Balance allergy formulas even though it is to grass(Duck & Pot. is best) With allergies that serious the best food you can buy, using HEPA filters & humidifier in her room, keeping her bedding very clean, brush her at least once daily when she comes in & monthly baths with complete hypo shampoo.(no soap/detergents/dye/perfume) There are several companies that make vitamins for dogs with allergies & you might do better to check thru them than trying to guess yourself. This is the link allergy food if you want to see it.

    Good luck!!

    I worked with lots of dogs with extreme allergies & gets very frustrating at times trying to get the right balance to work.

    Source(s): 30yr grooming
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    My dog has a weak immune system I give him orange pieces or orange juice.He also get salmon oil. He has food allergies to all grains, including rice.

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    As in humans, allergies are caused by an immune system that overreacts to an everyday substance, such as fleas, pollen, or a certain food. The following are the three most common culprits.

    hope this helps.

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