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How to make my Geforce graphic card as the default graphic card for my PC?

Everytime when I format my PC, I have to replace back the orginal graphic card first, then install the Geforce graphic card again after formatting. If I just leave the Geforce graphic card inside my PC, the screen will be just appear black after formatting. Is there a way to make my Geforce graphic card as the default graphic card, which means I don't have to restall the Geforce graphic card after I formatted my PC?

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    Well you could slipstream some Nvidia drivers into your Windows CD, but since that is rather complicated to describe...

    There are two things I can think of for that problem.

    1. You are using a restore CD instead of an actual Windows Install CD. a restore CD comes with lots of things preconfigured that can mess up if you do not have the original hardware installed. Try to get a CD with just Windows

    2. The resolution of your card might be too high or too low for your monitor when it first comes up. Try installing Windows with the geforce card in it, then if the screen is black, reboot into safe mode (Tap the F8 key before the Windows Logo) and see if it would let you install drivers then.

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    Im not excatly sure but if you format your machine your whiping everything off of it, so the compuer will forget wat is in it. Yea you have to set it as first.

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