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Does JJ Redick sign autographs after a game?

I'm going to a magic game soon and he was my favorite player from Duke so I wanted to know if he would sign autographs if anyone knows.


thanks mikeyfresh and email me after that game. tell me what happened with JJ

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    thats coool. im goin to the magic game in boston on sunday. i like the magic and jj is nasty. i wicked want to get his auto too along with supaman and lewis. alright now to how to get his autograph. i have celtics season tickets and i get inside the arena 2 hours b4 the game. usually ther are a couple players shooting around and i sit next to where the players go in to the lockeroom and just wait till after ther done to ask them. jj should sign he seems nice so i think he will. im geting it on a card. im stoked good luck getting it.

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    He'll sign it but you have to be at the arena at least an hour and a half before the game starts because he will be shooting around. So you stand by the tunnel and he will sign it after he is done shooting around and when he is done he will sign autographs. That's how I got mine.

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