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does any body have 3 reasons why william Shakespeare is famous?

i know because he is a poet guy or something but something else please for today homework's

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    one of the most impressive things that shakespeare has come up with is iambic pentameter. i dont know if he invented it but he sure can write with it, which if you have tried.... is extremely difficult. he has written entire books in iambic pentameter.

    he is also considered to be the greatest play writer of all time. his plays have been produced and read more times in more different countries than any others. His fame basically is from his great understanding of human nature. He was able to find universal human qualities and put them on paper creating characters that are timeless.

    the last and maybe the biggest reason he is famous is his influence on the culture and literature of the world. he contributed greatly to the development of the english language. words and phrases from his plays and books have become a part of our everyday speech. shakespeare is even required in the education of the united states.

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    A poet guy!!! he wrote plays in the 16th century which are still relevant funny & poignant today. He is a master of the English language . writes poetry about love that makes your heart yearn for it. he was a favourite of queen Elizabeth the 1st he built his own theatre in London because at 1st no one liked his work .it has been suggested that he did not write the plays or sonnets but thats not true. A poet guy indeed. try googling his name you'll soon have more than enough facts for your homework

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    I don't think that William Shakespeare was the real writer of the plays. He didn't have enough education that can make sense in earlier times and now! How did he do it? I guess it will remain uknown. Here are my three reasons.

    1) He could make things make sense then that make sense now

    2) The way he could string the words together and make them flow miracuously.

    3) His plays had all the things that people were interested in. Law, science, etc!

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    Poet/Writer Writer/author Actor/artist

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    1. He was the most brilliant poet of all time

    2. He was the most brilliant playwright of all time

    3. His body of work was the most extensive of all time.

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    he made the famous romeo and juliet its a play..

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    Do ya own homework booboo. ;)

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