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David Archuleta song..?

Last night i went to a David Archuleta concert<3. It was a great day. But anyways he sang this song that he said was about "someone you know going through a rough time" and in the lyrics it's like "know that that person to help is me" (thats not the exact lyrics they were just along those lines). Does anyone know what this song is called? Thanks so much!

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    lol, just when you said "someone" & "rough time", and "help", i already knew what the song is...

    "Somebody Out There" -- and this was first available only on iTunes (it was a bonus track if the album was pre-ordered on iTunes)...

    it's such a marvelous, touching song...

    there's actually a video on YouTube about Iraq soldiers, their families, and their homecoming... and the song used was Somebody Out There... i forgot the link to it though... the two-thirds of the vid shows pics, but the very end of the video will HONESTLY make u cry, especially that this song was used <333

    p.s. why did people (or a person) gave the answers to this question a thumb-down?!?!? their answers are correct "/

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    1 Crush

    2 My Hands

    3 Touch My Hand

    4 Barriers

    5 A Little Too Not Over You (David co-wrote with Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil)

    6 Your Eyes Don’t Lie

    7 You Can

    8 Running

    9 Don’t Let Go (David co-wrote with J.C. Chasez)

    10 Desperate (Desmond Child)

    11 To Be With You

    12 Angels (Darn it — this was supposed to be one of my tidbits of reliable info!)

    13 Works for Me - Bonus Track (Walmart only) (David co-wrote with Daniel Bedingfield)

    14. Somebody Out There

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    All answers above are wrong. The song was Somebody Out There written by David and Mike Krompass. It was a preorder-only extra bonus track on the iTunes Deluxe album. I heard rumors it would be released for sale there as a track but I do not know if that has happened.

    Here is the song:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    What a postively explosive proposition, rkay!

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    somebody out there.

    I luuuuuv it!!

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