Horror Film Tips: In HD?

Hey I Need Some Tips On Making Horror Films. Cus Im Planning To Make One. And Need To Know Some Things Like. Is There A Program That Makes Videos "HD" And Well...I Need Some Good Tips On Doing A Horror Film And I've Got The Script Ready But I Need Tips. And For More Details I'm Filming It Black & White. Cus I've Done A Trailer In Black And White And It Got Some Postive Responds So..Help Me Out


Also. What Would Work best As Fake Blood? Note: That I'm Filming It In Black & White.

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    I myself am making a horror film my advice is edit with a good and easy to use editing studio (such as Sony Vegas or Pinnacle Studio) get some friends and some basic lighting and props and look on youtube for filmmaking shows (Such as indymogul or ParkersTutorials) Also could you possily email me the link to your trailer I'd love to see it

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    I use adobe premiere to make them, it costs alot but there might be less expensive programs. You will also need the right music. Unless you are going to compose your own, I would sugest listening to movie themes especially Batan Begins, The Dark Knight, Halloween, the Fog, etc.. I haven't used any blood though because I am still making movies for my class and they won't let me use blood. You might want to do some scenes at night.

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    All client camcorders have "computerized" modes. That leaves the the record commence/stop, transfering to pc and enhancing bits. in the experience that your pc has a firewire/IEEE1394 port, then miniDV. in the experience that your pc has no firewire/IEEE1349 port, then flash memory. what's your funds? regularly occurring definition: Canon FS100, ZR900, ZR930, ZR960. intense definition: Canon HV30, HF sequence, Sony HDR-HC9, HDR-CX sequence.

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