I want a tattoo. Can you numb the area I want tattooed?

I want to get a tattoo on my 19th birthday but I can't handle pain, I really can't. The tattoo I want is Freddy Kreuger's claws slashing at my shoulder, blood seeping threw the wound, and his face in like the background and stuff. I also want to know how long it would take to get the tattoo, I want it to look realistic. However like I said before I can't handle pain, I hate needles so the only way I will get a tattoo if they are able to numb it so I will not feel the pain. So, are you able to numb the area you want tattooed? For me it will be my shoulder and half way down my arm.

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    Look here is the thing:

    It is possible to use numbing creams and stuff. Most of them are prescription, though, so you'd have to find a doctor willing to supply you with it. Even if you managed that there are problems with numbing creams. It makes your skin react different to sensory stimulus so it makes it harder to work with. While this might not make the tattoo turn out poorly necessarily, it will make the tattoo artists' job more difficult.

    With all of that in mind the other thing about numbing creams is that they don't always work consistently. I have heard stories from people who used EMLA and had great experiences, no complaints. I have talked to other people who used it and said "yeah, it was fine at first but it wore off halfway through the tattoo". When you get tattooed your body naturally kicks in an endorphin response to help you cope with the pain. If you use a numbing cream that doesn't happen and if the cream wears off your natural physiological reaction will be delayed.

    Better to go without it. It is fine that you hate needles because getting tattooed does not feel like you are getting stuck with a needle. It feels more like a hot cut than a needle stick.

    As for how long it will take, you will have to consult the tattoo artist doing the work to find out. Different tattoo artists work at different speeds.

    Good luck!

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    I mean "technically" it is possible they have numbing cream, but a tattoo artist won't tattoo you with that crap on your skin. They also won't tattoo you if you have taken pain killers [ loratab, oxy's..etc ] the prescription stuff. It thins out your blood to much.

    It really isn't that bad. It's usually well worth whatever pain in the end.

    Theres no way to know the price without a picture/drawing.

    I mean with what your saying..with the amount of detail you want it would need to be a good size tattoo. I say no *less* than $175...

    but more likely towards the $200[+] range.

    That is like a super super rough estimate. Pricing depends on



    Shop you go to

    & shop minimum or what they charge per hour.

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    No, there's no way to numb it. Numbing creams screw up your skin and can cause the ink to bleed and leave you with a nasty, blurred tattoo. Prescription pain killers will just make you out of it and keep you from sitting still (not to mention it's illegal almost everywhere to tattoo anyone under the influence of anything), and a lot of OTC pain meds thin your blood. All you can do is take a couple of advil to try to help the swelling, but it won't help with the pain.

    If you can't take the pain, don't get a tattoo.

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    Definitley! Some tattoo shops have a numbing agent that they will use if you ask. However some may not so you'll have to find it yourself, it can be expensive (around $60). It's just a topical numbing cream that you put on the area you'll get inked aprox 5-10 mins before.

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    Hun first off I don't think you should get that on you're body! Im all for the tattoo's and stuff I mean I am getting one myself in june but does that mean that much to you to get it tattoo'd on you're body? Please think about this! And I heard that It feels like a cat scratching you ha I am used to that I have 5 cats I guarantee it won't hurt that bad hun! I hated pain when I was around 12 but then I started getting piercings and I got addicted to the pain i love it now! haha


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    There are numbing creams, however, it is highly recommended that you do not use them due to the fact that they can usually make the tattoo distorted.

    Source(s): 11 tats 11 piercings
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    Im really not trying to be mean but pain is part of the tattoo. I dont feel somebody has earned the right to have one if they didnt feel it.

    And, theres nothing that will completely numb you.

  • if u go to a laser tat place they will give u numbing cream. just tell them y so they dont think ur sum crazy person who likes bein numb lol

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    I have never heard of that but i guess you can go to a hop and ask.

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