Please help with United States History?

1. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan disagreed with the majority ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson. (1 point)

a. True

b. False

2. Homer Plessy violated the law by sitting in a "whites-only" train car. (1 point)

a. True

b. False

3. Most public places remained integrated despite the court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson. (1 point)

a. True

b. False

4. What were laws called that regulated the practice of segregation? (1 point)

a. Homer Plessy laws

b. Ferguson laws

c. Jim Crow laws

d. integration laws

5. Who maintained that education was the best way for African Americans to gradually improve their condition in American society? (1 point)

a. Homer Plessy

b. Booker T. Washington

c. W.E.B. DuBois

d. Jim Crow

6. Who founded the NAACP? (1 point)

a. Booker T. Washington

b. Jim Crow

c. Homer Plessy

d. W.E.B. DuBois

7. What does disenfranchisment mean? (1 point)

a. to give the right to vote

b. to segregate

c. to take away the right to vote

d. to vote

8. Literacy tests and property requirements were used to disenfranchise African American voters.

(1 point)

a. True

b. False

9. What was the name of the system in which a farmer worked another's land and receive a portion of profits after tools, seed, and the owner's percentage were factored in? (1 point)

a. sharecropping

b. slavery

c. segregation

d. disenfranchisement

10. Ida B. Wells tried to stop the practice of lynching by bringing it to the public's attention.

(1 point)

a. True

b. False

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    1- a

    2- b

    3- a

    4- a

    5- d

    6- b

    7- a

    8- b

    9- d

    10- b

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    Why dont you just copy and paste these questions in google or yahoo search?

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