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Have you noticed any of these on credit cards or others?

Change in "Periodic Finance Charge"

A creep up in the interest rate

A penalyty for shopping at warehouses, discount clubs or their affiliates

A shorter billing cycle

A decrease in credit limit

A greater penalty for late payments

Circumstances that revert to variable rate increasing

When will it end? At what point do you just give up the card?


The billing cycle is approx. 25 days. So it is possible to get 2 bills in the same month. After incurring a $49 late fee, I started to pay attention as I pay things monthly. That no longer applies. They are trying to get money any way that they can. Zero balance is the way to go!

Update 2:

Computer, u may be on 2 something. Babehear, u better be careful with your timing. Margie, Great info! The date change is what made me owe the $49. I'm still bad but I am hoping for a comsumer revolt.

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    CEO Salaries:

    Capital One $73 million, JP Morgan Chase $20 million, B of A $20 million, Target $13 million, Mastercard $13 million, Wells Fargo 12 million

    It won't stop. These are creative tactics to make more to support their infrastructure. They also change due dates, it's a common, but dirty practice. It causes late & over the limit fees. CEO's shouldn't make any more than 12x the average worker in the company. But this scenario doesn't paint that picture.

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    1 decade ago 2 Capitol One cards raise my interest rate a month or so ago. I always pay my balance in full, have never been late, gone over my limit, etc.

    All they did was cause me to want to use those 2 cards less. So far I don't think my Discover has made any changes (that I've noticed) and it's my fave anyway.

    The cards are a convenience for me. I put all my monthly expenses on one (or more) then pay them off in full when the bill comes in. None of the changes listed above would affect that for me, but for those who carry a balance, it does make it more expensive or less convenient to do so.

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    I gave up my credit cards years ago.

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