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GFs jealous kids father?

My GF kids father is jealous of me and hes talkin S#it to my girl and stressin her out how do u deal with this? hes 26yrs old

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    I don't think there really is anything you can do about it. When you started getting serious with her you took on her kid and her baby's father. He's going to be in the picture until that kid makes 18 and there's nothing you can do about it. I personally would stay out of the discussions with him and her, even though he's talking bout you. Simply ignore him! I'm sure it may be difficult but you're the one she's with. He's probably jealous that he's not with her anymore. As far as you being a father to his kids, if the kids are with you and her full time then how is it possible for you not to be a fulltime dad to their kid? He's going to just have to suck it up and be a man and move on!

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    Its matters if your trying to be the kids daddy.. I man men get Very protective when it comes to "step" daddies and messing with their baby mothers.. He's probably just jealous because he want his baby mother..

    Source(s): Hava a 26 yr old Babys Father unfortunatley
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    You can either confront him and tell him he needs to stop telling lies about you, or you should at least explain to your GF, that he is talking stuff about you, and if she believes it, then you and her shouldn't be together. Also, explain to her that he is only doing it so he can try to get back with her. If she doesn't want him back, then she should easily ignore him. If she wants him back, then she will believe him.

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