how was food cooked in the early days of kings and queens?

I am looking for a recipe for spices used back in the 16th century of how they cooked there food such as chicken, lamb,goat etc. a good chalenge for those who like to cook.think you can find the answer.let me know.especially of the royal family of that dont have to be exactly the 16th century but anytime in the early days.

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    Well finding a description of technique isn't a challenge at all's quite well documented:

    Many meats were cooked on a spit over a fire and someone was assigned to continually turn the meat to ensure even cooking.

    Depending on what country you're talking about, spices were used not so much as a flavouring, but as a device to hide the taste of meat that had begun to go off. Others did use them for flavour.

    Gruels, porridges, soups and stews were common as were breads, often unleavened because yeast was not always available. In cases where there were no ovens available, large iron pots with lids were used. The pot was placed on top of coals and then once the item to be baked was inside the pot, the lid was put on and topped with coals. This technique was used throughout the centuries and came over to early America with the Pilgrims and was used well into the Antebellum era.

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