Iran Nuclear Weapons?

What does Iran believe about neculear weapons? i know that they now have nuclear weapons

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    1 decade ago
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    The real Nuclear and terror danger in the world is :

    > Who has actually used atomic bombs ;

    >> who has real active atomic bombs NOW ,

    >>> who is occupying lands of other countries NOW ,

    >>>> who is invading other countries and killing native innocent people NOW ,

    >>>>> who is arresting liberal people of other countries NOW ,

    >>>>>> who is supporting the most professional terrorist organization occupying Palestine and killing children and women and destroying homes, schools, hospitals, food stores ,trees and more using white phosphorous and chemical weapons .

    >The real danger is *** THE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM in the world;

    and insisting misusing of a fair and correct Definition for "terrorism" '!!!!!!!!!!! >>> To protect coward terrorist leaders of the most Professional terrorist organization" ***" who have nuclear bombs , and still getting the unlimited support of the owners of nuclear bombs; ***.


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    1 decade ago

    Iran wants, or wanted nuclear weapons, but unless they got some old ones from the old Soviet Union, it's doubtful they have any.

    And the leader, A____ whatever his name is, has claimed he does not want them. Of course, that's not always believable. Even our esteemed politicians do not always (Gasp!) tell the truth, but I really don't believe much of what he says.

    But at the same time, he saw what happened in Iraq and Saddam probably did not have a nuclear program after the 1st Gulf War.

    If he had them, he might be bragging about it, or maybe hiding them, who knows. But I don't think at the present time he does and probably would not be able to build them without the help of outside scientists and other resources. Iran has a lot of oil money, and a lot of highly educated people, but many of those who are the best educated have come to the US or Europe to get away from the oppression.

    The Iranians claim they want nuclear power for electricity, even though they have more oil than almost anybody except Saudi Arabia or Russia. Some buy that, some are suspicious.

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    1 decade ago

    Be very, very careful about whose stories you believe. The international agencies responsible for monitoring that data does not believe Iran has nuclear weapons at present, or that Iran is producing fissionable material. Even the United States' own professional intelligence agencies doubt that Iran will have the ability to produce a single nuclear weapon within the next decade...

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    Hmmm, well...if the world doesnt want Iran to get nukes, then I should Israel get them? Double standards? Iran is intimidated by Israels nukes so they need them themselves, if Israel didnt have any then Iran would have no real reason to get them. So a Nuclear armed Israel is a danger to the middle east, they need to be taken off them.

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    1 decade ago

    You are the only person in the world that KNOWS that, not even the USA government know that,just another terrified questioner

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    1 decade ago

    Iran has no nukes, yet.

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