How many videos are there in youtube?

Hello guys!!!

There are many videos in youtube..... But how many?

Thanx for all your answers !

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    Here are a bunch of interesting statistics which I have

    compiled from various sites over the past few months.

    Since some of these numbers date from the summer,

    they're not necessarily the most current or up-to-date

    (although I've made several "calculated" adjustments):

    Total number of YouTube videos -- over 120,000,000

    Number of videos uploaded per day -- about 200,000

    Time required to see all the videos -- over 600 years

    Number of videos watched daily -- over 200,000,000

    Amount of content uploaded every minute -- 13 hours

    Number of accounts on YouTube -- over 300,000,000

    Percentage of videos violating copyright -- over 12%

    The top categories of uploaded videos -- music 20%,

    entertainment 15%, people/blogs 14%, comedy 13%

    sports 7%, educational 6%, automotive 5%, film 5%

    The source of videos -- amateur 80%, professional

    (meaning "partners") 15%, commercial/corporate 5%

    Top countries uploading videos -- United States 35%,

    United Kingdom 7%, Philippines 4%, all of the these

    countries have around 3%: Australia, Brazil, Canada,

    France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Turkey

    Amount of bandwidth used -- about the same as for

    the entire internet in the year 2000

    The most visited popular sites on the entire internet

    -- #1 Yahoo, #2 Google, #3 YouTube


    YouTube video with the longest "run-time" -- 4:36:03

    Youtube thumbnail

    YouTube video with the most thumbs -- over 11000

    Youtube thumbnail

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    How many videos are there in youtube?

    Hello guys!!!

    There are many videos in youtube..... But how many?

    Thanx for all your answers !

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    Not really sure if that's right

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    Wow, Thankss! I was wondering the same question the other day

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    How knows. Videos get uploaded just about every second.

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    there are over 574 billion videos in youtube..............NOW **** OF!!!

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    a lot

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