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Was Michael Steele's apology to Rush good enough?

Steele had no business calling Rush's program "incendiary" and "ugly". He later claimed those words just slipped out while he was actually thinking something totally different. Was Steele's apology to Rush sincere enough and does such an apology make Steele appear weak and even a wuss compared to El Rushbo?

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    Rush said "It is time to get over it." Rush shows that he is a great gentleman by putting this behind him and continue to attack the socialistic agenda of the democrats.


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    Hi My Business Plan,

    The answer you gave on Yahoo! Answers was reported by the Answers community:

    "Rush is an entertainer. Why do you liberals insist that he is considered a god? Man, as soon as Obambaia started talking, you liberals raised him up and made him president. No vetting process, no Idea of what his political persuasion really is. You people believed him from day one. Well, Rush is definately a political powerhouse, he is also an honest, genuine human being. He has a better grasp on the political process, and is more knowledgeable of the operations of our government than Obambia could ever dream of. So, your question should not why are the GOP afraid of Rush, but rather Why doesn't the Democrats have a professional that is Rush's equal?

  • Good enough for what? To get liberals to stop trying to make a big deal of it? Hell, no.

    "He later claimed those words just slipped out while he was actually thinking something totally different" isn't exactly what he said, but close-enough to make the point. Where are the posted transcripts and audio so we can tell for ourselves? Uh-huh. Pretty-much proves Steele's point. It's much ado about nothing or they'd spread the "evidence" all over the place.

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    Well as a conservative who doesn't appreciate Rush's approach to the issues, I can agree to some degree with Steele, however, he shouldn't have gotten defensive, he should have laughed it off and just said, he's a radio talk show personality, I'm actually involved in whats going on "hands on" and started to take over the conversation.

    I agree that he took the bait, because he was angered that this idiot was considering Limbaugh as a "leader". He's not a leader... he's a voice.

    He voices his opinions as honestly as he sees them, I don't think every conservative wishes what he wishes, in fact some of us are Christian enough to know we have to pray for our new President because we are (although may not like it) under his authority. The bible is very clear on obeying people in authority positions and to pray for them.

    We all have strong opinions on the issues, sometimes we're in the right frame of mind and sometime not.... forgive, forget, move on.

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    I could care less, I like the guy, Ive heard he's no Keyes(but keyes is in some new party now? I like his style) and certainly no Clarence Thomas.

    I don't care much for Rush really. Im a Regan Con. And proud.

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    I am worried now that Steele might be a minority butt kissing RINO.

    I was hoping he would be a strong conservative...

    I guess we will see.

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    It was good enough for Rush. So who cares if it's good enough for anyone else.

  • yes

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