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Brian Cashman or Omar Minaya?

I know Cashman has been around longer than Minaya, but going strictly on the past couple of years, who has done the better job? I just believe that Minaya has the better relationship with the Latin players, and has a way of pulling them in. While with Cashman, he has George Steinbrenner's money, making it much more easier to go out and sign the big name free agents. One thing I can say though, Cashman is more hands on with the operations, while Minaya, isn't so much, and at the end of the day it comes down to the Wilpons decision, rather than his. So your thoughts on this question? Peace!

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    Omar hands down. I liked about every decision he has made and almost every deal has been very useful for the Mets like the deals of Baltran, Santana, Wagner, Perez and many good decision has been pay off greatly. I think the most important decision making is to see the talents most useful or hidden in the players. Money can buy talent, no doubt about it but everybody can do that with minimum effort in researching in the scouting reports (or in Cashman's case, just get the most expensive ones.) It is the sight of the future that is rare in the general managers.

    Oh, by the way, Yankee's farm system is one of the best???? You are kidding me, Rangers' and Rays and Braves' are way better in both talent and quality. HIstorically, yeah, it is one the best because all the young kids wants to be the Yankees, it is nothing to do with the GM. It is the reputation of the organisation that build it, nothing to do with the management.

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    Cashman's way better. He spends his money more efficiently then Minaya plus he uses his draft picks wisely. His farm system is one of the best in baseball. Sure, he has a bit more money to use then Minaya, but Minaya still has a lot to play with. Even though I hate the Yankees, I like Cashman. The problem with Cashman is that now Hank Steinbrenner is overruling him now. I doubt that Cashman would have signed both Teixiara and Sabithia of his own accord.

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    Cashman! More money to work with and people want to come to the Yankees (makes his job a little easier).

    Hey, did you ever notice that Minaya is racist? Yeah, he only signs the Hispanic players. Observe:

    Oliver Perez

    Pedro Martinez

    Johan Santana

    Francisco Rodriguez

    Jose Reyes

    Carlos Delgado

    Carlos Beltran

    Moises Alou

  • Cashman, hands down. Omar had one successful team so far. The rest have floundered in the last month of the season. Cashman got his team to the post season even in years where they weren't expected to go anywhere at the trade deadline. He's had one team that didn't make it to the post season, that's not all Steinbrenner's money doing that. Steinbrenner's money has been around since the seventies. They didn't do so well during the 80's and early 90's, so I doubt that is the defining factor. Why is this even a question, the Nady deal last year???!? He gave up nothing, and got a guy everybody else was ready to bet the farm on.

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    Even though I'm a Mets fan, I'd prefer Cashman over Minaya.

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    Cashman,,, Omar's a racist i don't want no racist running my team

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