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what is a patch for a game?

can anyone tell what is a path for a game?

how it is installed?

i have rct3full game i,am going to update it

that update files are also patch...............can u explain briefly?

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    a patch for a game is maker the game or a software full vio .....

    to pach go 2 da icon go 2 properties and find targate and past the pach file ....... and open if needed ...........ok ........ bye............

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    A game path is just the way that your computer finds the game on your hard drive so you can play it.

    A patch is a game adjustment made by the maker of the game to either fix a problem or to make changes. Some games patch more often than others.

    World of Warcraft runs a patch every tuesday because the came is constantly evolving. They also run patches to fix bugs when they arise. When a new expansion comes out it goes to beta testing first to discover as many bugs as possible. Beta testing is just people playing the game before it goes "live" and is released to the general public.

    Even after beta testing, new games or expansions often have a lot of problems that need to be "patched" to fix the bugs that are found after the game goes live.


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    What Is Patch

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    A patch just gives you extra things to do/use on a game. To install it you have to download it, from the internet I think.

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  • when a game lunch by any company..sometime game programers

    did some mistakes it will called campany make patch for it..good example like counter strrike 1.6

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    patches are also fix things like glitches on a game or improvements as well

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