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I want to go to qld sunshine coast from N.S.W(australia?

I want to get to sunshine coast qld from nsw in a called merimbula 2hrs away from canberra

I dont no how to find a way there i cant find any websites that help.

its really important i get there this weekend please help !

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    Get a bus to Canberra then book with either jetstar or Virgin to Brisbane and then get the shuttle bus from the airport There is a airport on the sunshine coast but it's only small so you would have to change planes somewhere and that could be expensive

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    Get the train to Brisbane transit center, the country link trains go straight there, and change to the Sunshine Coast Line at Roma Street. Or you can get a coach that goes all the way there. Personally I would get the train to Sydney domestic airport first, get on a plane to Brisbane domestic Airport and catch the train link from the Airport to the Sunshine Coast, that will take about 2hours for the train ride to Sydney, usual time to check in at the airport, 1 1/2 hours on the plane, then another 1 1/2 - 2 hours on the train at the Queensland end, depending on where on the Sunshine Coast you're going. The bus and the train the whole way here will around 20 hours on the bus, because they keep stopping, and a little longer on the train for the same reason, all the stops. Also, if you catch the bus, you have to contend with traffic and any accidents on the highway will hold you up, I was held up on a bus outside Townsville NQ once for 17 hours, so I'd go the plane route if I were you, it's cheaper as well which is weird. Have a nice stay, the Sunshine Coast is grouse!

    Source(s): I live at the Southern end of the Sunshine Coast, used to live in Wollongong, and travel all the time.
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    I've lived at both and I would go back to the Sunny Coast anyday. Nobody seems to really care at the Gold Coast apart from where their next hook up is, drugs are or when the next working roster is. I found a lot of people really self centred. The Sunshine Coast has a much more relaxed lifestyle. I found Noosa was getting quite yuppie, don't know what it's like now. Maroochydore was nicer. Things aren't so "right go go go go!" there. I found people stopped, looked around, sauntered, not marched to their next destination.

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    It depends on how you are planning on getting there. If you are planning on driving, it is going to take you approx 16 hours via the coast road (look at There are also train (which will take you a couple of days) or flight options (which you will need to get to Canberra for).

    A good website that has links to help you explore the options is

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    You want Queensland Australia

    This is Queenstown New Zealand

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