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(急)可以幫忙翻譯一下嗎 請別用翻譯機 20點

Summary and Conclusions

As evident at the III STEP conference, this is an incredibly exciting time for those working in the field of neurorehabilitation, particularly for physical therapists who are likely to play a pivotal role in the development and implementation of motor strategies to facilitate optimal restoration of function. As movement scientists, therapists who treat people with CP need to optimize their limited therapy time by eliminating those approaches or treatment components that have only marginal positive effects and replace them with evidence-based exercise protocols shown to be more effective in improving current, and potentially future, functioning. In addition, we need to identify more ways to help their patients incorporate “activity, activity, activity” into their lifestyles. The promotion of activity is not in conflict with ecological approaches, because activity can and should occur in natural, everyday settings whenever possible. However, for people with greater physical challenges or for more intense conditioning or training, exercise equipment or computerized devices may need to be utilized.

It becomes increasingly difficult over time for elite athletes to break individual sports records as human limits are approached. In contrast, the state-of-thescience in neurorehabilitation suggests that we are not even close to approaching the human limits for physical and neural recovery in many disorders. A growing body of scientific data, much of which was published in the last few years since the turn of the millennium, strongly suggests that activity-based strategies, which are within the purview of physical therapy, are one of the keys to unlocking the now far brighter potential for functional recovery.



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    頂尖的運動人才打破各自的體育紀錄已隨著時間的推移變得越來越難,当人的潛能已達到極限。 相較之下,神經系統復健科學的發展顯示了對於精神疾病的研究,我們甚且尚未接近接近物理和神經系統治療領域的極限。


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    当運動科學家,對待的治療師有CP的人们需要通过消滅有仅少量的正面作用和用被证明基於證據的鍛煉的協議替换他們是有效在改進潮流的那些方法優選他們有限的療法时间或治療組分和潛在地未來,起作用。 另外,我們需要辨認更多方式幫助他們的患者合併「活動,活動,活動」到他們的生活方式里。 因為活動在自然,每天設置能够並且應該發生若情況許可,活動的促進不是與生態學方法的冲突。 然而,為有更加巨大的物理挑戰的人或為更加強烈適應或訓練,鍛煉設備或计算机化的設備也许需要被運用。 当人的極限接近,运动精英打破各自的體育紀錄隨著時間的推移变得越來越很难。 相反,狀態thescience在neurorehabilitation建議我們不是甚而接近接近物理和神經系統的補救的人的極限在許多混亂。 科學數據一個生长身體,在過去幾年之内被出版,因为千年輪,強烈建議基於活動的戰略,在範圍物理疗法之內,是其中一把鑰匙對打開在功能補救的現在更加明亮的潛力。

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