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幫我找sierra leone(獅子山國)的資料



假如我們住在那裡 早上起床會是什麼樣子 我們的生活是什麼樣子.......所以我想找找看有沒有當地學校的網址 電子郵件 部落格....相關的資料


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  • Tim
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    1 decade ago
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    Republic of Sierra Leone

    President: Ernest Koroma (2007)

    Current government officials

    Land area: 27,653 sq mi (71,621 sq km); total area: 27,699 sq mi (71,740 sq km)

    Population (2007 est.): 6,144,562 (growth rate: 2.3%); birth rate: 45.4/1000; infant mortality rate: 158.3/1000; life expectancy: 40.6; density per sq mi: 222

    Capital and largest city (2003 est.): Freetown, 1,051,000


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